How Your Lifestyle Can Affect Your Life Insurance

Do you plan to take life insurance? Then, this article is for you. An insurance provider emphasizes the applicant’s life expectancy. Factors including your health condition and age are taken into consideration to calculate your estimated life expectancy. In addition, you should keep in mind that your lifestyle is also essential in the process.

Let us determine how lifestyle can affect your life insurance. Remember that your lifestyle choices or habits can greatly affect your life expectancy. The lower your life expectancy is, the higher your insurance premium will be.

The following are some life habits that can impact your life insurance premium.


If you drink alcohol regularly, you should be prepared to shell out more for your life insurance. Excessive drinking of alcohol can put your life at higher risk. Your insurance provider can put off this high-risk level by charging a higher premium.


Aside from being a health hazard, it also negatively affect your life insurance policy. Since smoking can lead to various medical conditions, insurance providers consider applicants riskier compared to non-smokers. Your insurance premium is higher if you smoke regularly.

Driving record

An insurance provider also checks your driving history. Since road accidents are among the top causes of death, insurers prefer those with a good driving record. If you have been in traffic violations or road accidents in the past, you can pay more.

Obesity/ Inactive lifestyle

A guy with inactive lifestyle

Obesity or an inactive lifestyle can lead to different medical complications. If you get overweight due to your sedentary lifestyle, there is a possibility that you can suffer from serious health complications in the future. It can negatively impact your insurance.

Hobby/ profession

Some insurers consider risky professions like an underwater welder, firefighter, miner, and more. If you have a dangerous profession, your insurance provider may place you in their high-risk bucket. Meanwhile, if you have a safe profession but have risky hobbies such as scuba diving, skydiving, etc., it can also concern the insurer.

Don’t hide anything from your insurer

Keep in mind that it’s not advisable to hide anything from your insurer, even if it can help you save your budget. Thus, the policy nominee’s claim can be rejected in the future if your insurance provider has reasons that you’re not completely honest with them.

Meanwhile, if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, for example, if you jog daily, you can enjoy specific life insurance benefits for runners. With this, you should take action now to practice healthy habits to make the best of your life insurance in the future.

Other factors that impact your life insurance

Other factors that can affect your life insurance include the following:

Medical history

Some insurance companies also consider not just your personal medical history but the history of premature deaths in your family. They also check severe hereditary conditions or health history, which can affect your policy premiums. These specific conditions can lower your life expectancy.

Your travel activities

Your travel activities are also a factor that an insurance provider considers for your life insurance. For example, how frequently do you travel to dangerous locations? Or is your travel associated with your work? Many insurance companies want to get information about possible dangerous aspects of your life.

Your age

Your age is an essential factor in the cost of your life insurance. The younger you are, the more you will pay for many years.


Your BMI or Body Mass Index can also influence your insurance cost. Your BMI may have risks that can affect your premium. Being overweight may indicate a medical condition. So, the insurer considers it in their calculations.

Now that you have learned about the factors that may affect your life insurance let us know why it is important.

Importance of life insurance      

The following are the benefits of life insurance.

It may replace a lost income

The death benefits from a life insurance policy can cover expenses including food, housing, car maintenance, clothing, utilities, and health care premiums. You may use a life insurance calculator to know how much life your insurance may require.

Can help protect your family financially?

Another reason why you should prefer life insurance is it can help to protect your family financially. Even though you have savings, it may not be enough to cover your family’s expenses for many years if something happens to you unexpectedly.

It helps your loved ones pay off debt

As you pass away, your debts may not go away. With this, your loved ones will use money from your assets to cover them. Your life insurance may be beneficial for your loved ones to pay the debt you leave behind, such as business debt, credit card debt, mortgage debt, and personal or educational loans. Your life insurance can help them ease financial burdens as you leave them.

Beneficial for paying future education expenses

If you have kids, your life insurance can be used for paying future education and childcare expenses.

Can cover funeral expenses

Life insurance can also cover funeral expenses. Funerals are quite expensive. They may add financial and emotional stress to your family. Well, the death benefits from your life insurance policy can be used by your family for the funeral costs.

It helps to reduce stress

As a loved one dies, it’s always a stressful and emotional time. It is even more challenging if there are concerns about covering bills and replacing income. With your life insurance policy, you may reduce the stress your loved ones may feel as you pass away. Your life insurance can give peace of mind and aid the expenses in the future.


To sum it up, it can’t be denied that your lifestyle can greatly affect your life insurance. So, it is highly recommended to practice a healthy lifestyle to have a better life insurance premium. With the help of this article, we hope that you already understand how your habits can impact your insurance. So, you will know what to do to make the best of your life insurance policy.

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