How To Make The Best Out Of Your Disney Experience: Tips To Have Your Littles Ones Enjoy The Most

If you have never been to Disneyland, it is the kind of place you should visit before you die. Disneyland is a great place to take your children.

Disneyland is a place where both parents and children can have fun together.

Disney is an attraction for families with small children, at a stage in life when little else is so absorbing or takes so much time, and nothing becomes more important than making sure your child has a good time. So what makes a trip to Disney so special?

It is the feeling of being in a place of enchantment. You are there for the experience, the convenience, the food, and the weather.

If you want your kids to have a magical time, Disney is the place to be. When you go to Disneyland, there are several things to consider. If you want a stroller for the duration of your visit, you can bring your own, or you can rent one when you arrive at the park.

If you’re going with small children, it’s probably easier to rent. But if you want a specific stroller model, or if you have an older child who doesn’t like the standard models they have, you may want to bring your stroller.

Carrying Your Stroller

If you are traveling with your baby and looking for a cheap and convenient way to carry your baby, bringing your stroller will be much more affordable and more convenient than renting one out.

In addition, if the stroller that you are using is with you all the time, then it will be much easier to move around with your baby without disturbing them.

If you choose to rent one, there is a section that has various sizes of strollers for you to choose from. Of course, you will be charged extra for the rental. But on the other hand, bringing your stroller will save you some money.

If you are visiting with small children, there is no doubt that bringing your stroller is the best option. You will be able to save money and get right onto the rides without wasting time renting a stroller or waiting in line for one.


Reasons You Should Opt to Rent a Stroller

Disney World is one of the most popular family destinations in the United States. Unlike most hotels and resorts in Florida, which offer only cribs for infants at their on-site baby centers, Disney World boasts an entire supply of strollers for rent.

Of course, carrying your stroller is the cheaper option, but if you are going to be in Disneyland for days, then it is more cost-effective in the long run to rent one.

Renting a stroller will save you time and energy, and all you need to do is return it when you are done. You can rent a stroller from third-party Disneyland stroller rentals or directly from Disney.

However, renting a stroller from third-party stroller rentals is less expensive than renting from Disney. There are several reasons for renting strollers;

  • Renting a stroller decreases your luggage. Having less luggage gives you more room for other things you may need, such as food, clothes, and drinks.
  • Another advantage of renting a stroller is that some hotels do not allow guests to bring their strollers into their rooms.
  • Renting a stroller allows you to be more mobile around the theme park. With a rented stroller, you can easily fold up the stroller and carry it around with you as you walk from place to place. However, taking a heavy stroller can get tiresome, and it would not be very convenient either, especially if you intend to visit more than one theme park during your stay in Disney World.
  • Touring the theme park with your children is made more comfortable by using a rented stroller.
  • Renting a stroller while in Disney is cheaper than buying one while at Disney.

Tips on Renting Strollers- Sizes of Strollers

There are several strollers that little ones enjoy the most to choose from when renting a stroller in Disney.

They come in different styles and colors, designs, and models. In addition, you can choose from single to double strollers. And you will have options, too, when it comes to infant car seats for your babies.

Single Strollers

Single strollers are perhaps the most common type of stroller available for rental in any theme park. These strollers can be used by one child or by twins, but not by more than two children at a time.

Parents will have to have more than one stroller if they have more than one child who needs to use it. These lightweight strollers are easy for parents to maneuver around theme parks, and their tires can handle bumpy sidewalks, curbs, and uneven surfaces with ease.

Double Strollers

Perfect for families who have more than one child, these strollers can be pushed by just one adult if needed and are great for children who do not mind being close together as they enjoy all that the Disney parks have to offer.

While double strollers do hold two children, many parents like this option because their babies can nap as well.

Other Considerations

If you are traveling to Disneyland and have young children, the chances are high that you will rent a stroller for the duration of your trip. There are tips on renting strollers that you need to consider when choosing a stroller for your little one, including;

  • Tires – It is also ideal to find a model with pneumatic tires because they make riding so much easier and smoother on any type of terrain or surface.
  • Car seats – You can choose to get an additional car seat if you want to use the same stroller for infants or toddlers. Just make sure that the car seat is compatible with your stroller before buying it or renting it.
  • The weight of the stroller – If your children are still small, then it’s best if you get a lightweight model so that it’s easy to carry
  • When renting your stroller, do not forget to check its condition. You should ensure that the stroller has been well maintained and is safe for your baby before renting it for your kid.

Stroller Restrictions in Disney

One of the best parts about visiting Disneyland is getting to enjoy many of your favorite Disney attractions. However, one of the things that you should consider before going is how you plan to get around the park with your family. You also need to use tips on renting strollers at Disney.

You also need to consider how many strollers you will need or plan to rent one at the park. You need to know the types allowed, where they can go, and how to use them. The restriction tips on renting strollers in Disney include;

  • You may not remove the seat from any rental stroller. The rental strollers must also be returned to a designated location when you’re done using them.
  • Disney does not allow stroller wagons to ease congestion and improve crowd control.
  • You can use the strollers on elevators and ramps but not on escalators. In addition, strollers aren’t allowed in queue lines or attractions unless you have a special needs child with the stroller functioning as a wheelchair.
  • While on the parking lot tram, your child isn’t allowed in strollers.
  • Disney California Adventure Park, and Disneyland Park. You cannot take the strollers into buses, parking lot trams, or Disneyland Resort hotels.
  • An employee of Disney can move your stroller to enable traffic flow and operational needs.
  • Ensure not to leave your stroller or personal belongings in it unattended.
  • Size of the stroller- The strollers allowed in Disney must not exceed 31″ (79 cm) x 52″ (132 cm). You can come with double strollers, though they must be within the size guidelines.
  • Strollers are not permitted at attractions, restaurants, or in any of the backstage areas. However, if your stroller is medically required, you should inform the relations office once you get to Disney.

Tips on Using Your Stroller in Disney

To enhance your experience while at Disney, there are several tips while using your stroller. They include:

  • You have to have the right stroller. Most people bring a regular stroller, but the wheels can get stuck in the cracks of the sidewalk. Also, it can be hard to maneuver around other guests. A jogging stroller is better because it has larger tires and is sturdier. You’ll still have to watch out for people walking toward you, but it is easier to go up and downstairs with one.
  • Don’t underestimate how far you’ll walk. You should plan on leaving with plenty of time to spare so that you can take your time and don’t feel rushed.
  • Make sure your little ones are strapped in safely. Make sure they can’t reach anything that could fall off and hurt them.
  • Make sure you’re hydrated before you leave your hotel room, especially if it’s hot outside or if you’re walking all day long. Bring a backup bottle if it’s hot out and you have a small child.
  • Park your stroller only at designated places.
  • Carry plenty of snacks for everyone involved so that no one is hungry when you get there.
  • Keep your receipts with you. For Disney rental strollers, it will help you get a replacement quickly.
  • For healthy purposes, be sure to bring some wet wipes to sanitize your stroller and other surfaces.
  • Follow the traffic like others to make the experience great for everyone and ensure or decorate to secure your stroller so as not to lose it.

Get Your Rented Stroller at Disney Today

If you are at Disney, the chances are that you will be traveling with little ones and need strollers.

If you need tips on renting strollers, the professional staff will ensure that you will get the right stroller to suit your needs and at an affordable price. They also provide complimentary baby equipment such as cribs, high chairs, and booster seats at no extra cost.

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