5 Exciting Adventures And Activities That Are Exclusive To The States

America might seem like a typical vacation choice but there are a lot of things here that don’t exist anywhere else in the world. Here are just some examples to consider.

Amazing Theme Parks

You might think that this is a bit of a cheat. After all, the majority of countries have theme parks right? Well, yes but no one does it quite like America. Let’s take Disney World as an example. The theme park which is more like a sprawling city covers 43 miles. To put that in perspective that means it’s twice the size of Manhattan and about the same size as San Francisco.

Now, if you’ve never been you might think that this is a tad crazy for a place that’s the main purpose is so kids can meet Mickey Mouse. If you think that’s all Disney has to offer, you owe it to yourself to take a trip there. There are:

  • Golf Courses
  • Sprawling lakes
  • Four different full-sized theme parks
  • A shopping complex
  • Two massive water parks

Did you think it was just for kids? The water parks are home to one of the highest water slides in the world and one of the largest, most powerful wave pools ever built.

Yes, there are other parks in countless countries but nothing compares to the full insanity and grandiose ambition of Disney World. When the food and wine festival rolls around it’s home to Michelin-starred chefs from around the globe!

Nascar Tournaments


Or, if theme parks aren’t your poison, how about watching one of America’s favorite sports. Do you not think that Nascar is a sport? Don’t let them hear you say that in the south. This is one of their most beloved traditions and it’s embedded in pop culture to this day. Days of Thunder starring Tom Cruise is just one of the many Hollywood movies that have brought the exhilaration of Nascar to the silver screen.

This isn’t just about watching cars zoom around a track at blisteringly high speeds. You’ll find that if you get Nascar tickets this is more of a social event where people relax in the parking lot, share a beer, or even set up a fall BBQ. People travel from all across the states to see a Nascar race.

You might scoff at this but we guarantee that’s because you’ve never seen one of these races up close and in person. The smell, the sights, the sounds – it’s all totally intoxicating and once you’re there you’ll find it’s impossible not to get whisked into the frenzied excitement.

Route 66

If you want an adventure that lets you take the road and experience an incredible sense of freedom, we recommend that you take a trip down Route 66. There are a lot of amazing drives around the world but there’s something unique and a little special about cruising down Route 66.

Perhaps it’s the fact that there are movies and songs that were inspired by this highway. Or, maybe it’s the sense of relaxation you’ll feel as you take the journey yourself? All we know is that if you’re looking for an awesome road trip, this is a great one to consider.


America’s playground as it’s commonly known – is an absolute delight. There are places around the world that have tried to emulate the sensations that people experience exploring Las Vegas, but none have come close. If you think it’s all about the casinos, then you’ll only be scratching the surface of what this gem has to offer.

Do you want to go bungee jumping in the dark or take a spin on a ride dangling off a skyscraper? Perhaps you want to bowl a strike in the luxurious comfort of your hotel room. All these possibilities and so much more await anyone who dares book a trip to Las Vegas. One weekend here could change your life, but remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

The Great National Parks

Or finally, if you want to escape into the wilderness and explore the unknown then America still has plenty of fantastic options for you. America is home to 63 elite national parks and more than 400 national park sites. Combined, they cover a tremendous 84 million acres. Millions of tourists visit these parks every year and they are home to some of the most beautiful natural attractions in the world.

We hope you see that America is filled with some incredible unique adventures and exciting activities that are not to be missed. We’re really just scratching the surface here and you’ll be amazed at what you discover if you book your own trip to explore the different states.

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