15 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving

Moving house can be stressful, with a lot of tasks to remember to do by certain times. It’s easy to make simple mistakes during the process, but if you’re prepared and follow these 15 tips to avoid making mistakes during a move, you’ll allow for a stress-free moving day.

1. Not researching or hiring a removal company

It’s always recommended to hire a removal company for your house move. They’re trained professionals in the industry, so can take care of all the hard work. They can even pack and unpack for an additional cost. You should always check the removal company’s reviews and accreditations beforehand and ask family and friends for recommendations.

2. Failing to prepare

Not preparing for your move can lead to mistakes on the day. Create a moving plan and checklist for the weeks leading up to moving day so you’re always on track. By creating a checklist, you’ll remember to do certain milestones such as changing your address or making a start on packing up your attic space.

3. Not using storage

Whether you need to declutter for a house viewing or your new place doesn’t have a shed yet for your garden equipment, putting these items into storage will mean you don’t have to worry about them until you’re settled in your new home. An ideal option is to rent a storage lockup so you can store your items safely. The unit will be safe and secure for extra peace of mind.

4. Not decluttering before packing

Before you start packing, you should declutter your belongings. By decluttering before your move, you’re not only having a good clear out of items you no longer use, but you’ll also save money on your removal costs as you’re not taking so many items with you.

5. Underestimating how many items need packing

Whether you need a full or part packing service from your removal company, you’ll need to let them know how many items they’ll need to pack and load. If you tell them the wrong amount and underestimate the items being moved, you will end up paying more on the day of the move.

6. Not creating an inventory

If you’re packing yourself, it’s important to create an inventory of all items. By doing this, you’ll know exactly where everything is and in what box. You should pack room by room and remember to pack the rooms or items you use more frequently last so you’re not looking for them or unpacking them all the time.


7. Not labeling boxes correctly

It’s important to label your boxes so you know where to unload them in your new home. Not only will this make the packing and unloading process easier, but it will help the removal company know which rooms to place the boxes on moving day, speeding up the process.

8. Forgetting to pack an essentials box

Many people forget to pack a separate essentials box for moving day. You should pack one box or bag with all the items you’ll likely need on the day and the evening that you move in. This typically includes any medication, phone chargers, toothbrushes, plates, and cutlery and will save you time finding these important items on the day.

9. Not measuring furniture

You should make sure you know the measurements in your new home so that your current furniture can fit. This should be included in the listing but during your viewing, measure out where you would have your coffee table or bed, for example, if the space is too small for your current items, you’ll have to find alternatives.

10. Packing too early

If you pack too early for your move, you run the risk of unpacking and making a mess when you need certain items. It’s always best to pack items or rooms first that you won’t need before or on the day such as your garage or attic space.

11. Packing too late

Many people leave their packing too late and end up making simple mistakes. You should finish your packing at least a few days before moving day. If you use your removal company’s packing service, they will do all the hard work and visit your property the day before or the day of the move and professionally pack and load everything.

12. Using poor packing materials

Using cardboard boxes or materials that aren’t sturdy enough for your items will only run the risk of damaging them. You should use strong cardboard boxes or plastic storage containers and wrap fragile items with bubble wrap or bedsheets for extra protection.

13. Not getting help from family or friends

If you’re packing and moving on your own, it’s always wise to get additional help from friends and family. By having a different person tackling each room, the packing won’t seem like such a huge task.

14. Not changing your address

You’ll have to change your address with the doctors and dentists if you’re staying local, as well as with your bank and on your driving license. Don’t forget to register to vote in your new area too. You can also redirect your mail to the Post Office for an additional charge. By not redirecting your mail, you run the risk of important documents getting into the wrong hands.

15. Not sorting out utilities

Make a note of your gas and electric readings on your current home and then again in your new home. You’ll need to phone up the provider to let them know you’ve moved in and inform them of the current readings. By doing this, you won’t be overcharged for gas and electricity from the previous owner.

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