6 Must-Have iPhone 12 And 13 Accessories To Add To Your List

Apple’s latest iPhone 13 series features some innovative technology, and the iPhone 12 doesn’t fall far behind. Both are still hot commodities, especially in 2021 when shipment delays are part of the norm, and some feel it’s even worth the long wait to get their hands on one.

So if you were lucky enough to snag one of the latest iPhone models this year, it’s time to get yourself some complementary accessories to make the most of your iPhone. Are you stuck on ideas for iPhone accessories? We’ve got it covered!

Here are six must-have iPhone 12 and 13 accessories to add to your list. Shop Scosche to find your favorite iPhone accessories!

#1 MagSafe Car Mounts

The iPhone 12 and13 series both offer Apple’s proprietary MagSafe magnetic technology built into their internal components. This new MagSafe feature comes in handy in a lot of ways. You can snap accessories like wallet cases to the back, but you can also snap your phone to other MagSafe-compatible accessories — like a MagSafe car mount!

Perfect for hands-free driving to keep you safe on the road, a MagSafe car mount will guarantee to keep your phone locked in place on sharp turns. The magnets in MagSafe-equipped phones also ensure faster wireless charging, thanks to their close connection with MagSafe compatible chargers and charging mounts.

MagSafe-compatible car mounts come in all kinds of base styles, too. Choose something that attaches to your car’s windshield or dashboard or even a cup holder. You can also choose a telescoping MagSafe car mount to extend the phone.

#2 A Qi-Certified Wireless Charger

iPhone 12 pro

The recent iPhone 12 and 13 models also have Qi wireless charging. This brings us to another must-have accessory: a wireless charger. Wireless chargers are a practical piece of equipment to have, freeing you of cords and keeping surfaces like a desk or nightstand neat and tidy.

If you want a wireless charger to work properly with your iPhone or iPhone 13, select a Qi-certified charger manufactured by a reputable manufacturer.

#3 USB-C Power Delivery Chargers

Speaking of a faster charge, this is one must-have accessory you have to put on your list. When you purchased your new iPhone 13, you may have noticed there was no charger and cable in the box. While this may have surprised you, we think it’s a good move (to reduce e-waste for one).

For many, this lack of charger and cable is no biggie. You can charge your iPhone 13 on a Qi-certified, or MagSafe, wireless charger or simply use the charger from your previous iPhone model. If you need an extra USB-C power adapter, you can find yourself a specialty brand that offers them, often in a higher 30 wattage for faster charging, too.

#4 MagSafe Tripod

The iPhone 12 and 13 boast a powerful cameras. The iPhone 13 Pro models, in particular, feature an Ultra-Wide camera with extras like Macro photography, Night Mode, and Cinematic Mode, and ProRes, all enhancing creative content into something truly spectacular.

But with all these technological advancements in the camera, don’t ruin a shot with poor stabilization. Instead, get a sturdy, MagSafe-compatible tripod to secure the phone. This will help you get the most out of your iPhone’s camera, shooting YouTube and TikTok videos and pro-level photography.

#5 MagSafe-Compatible Phone Case

The iPhone 12 and 13 are designed with extremely durable bodies and shells. The iPhone 12 features a Ceramic Shield Screen, which is a blend of glass and ceramic that is harder than many metals. Both have a glass back, but their bodies differ: the iPhone 12 has an aluminum frame and the iPhone 13 has a stainless steel frame.

Obviously, both are tough-as-nails, but despite their durability, it’s still a wise idea to invest in a phone case to protect it from drops, scratches, and more. However, since they both offer MagSafe wireless charging, if you intend to use the MagSafe tech, you need to be mindful of the case’s thickness. Apple’s guidelines suggest that MagSafe accessories be no more than 2.1mm thick to work properly.

#6 Camera Lens Protector

Even with a shock-resistant phone case with a lid that elevates off a surface, the camera’s Ultra Wide lens on the back is not protected. It’s extremely durable enough for most, but if you are an outdoorsy type or enjoy filming your mountain bike trail with your phone mounted at the helm, then one must-have iPhone 12 and 13 accessory is a camera lens protector. Luckily, they’re quite affordable and even make awesome stocking stuffers.

Some worry that a lens protector can cause distortion of an image, but it can be easily remedied by choosing quality lens covers with an oleophobic coating to repel fingerprints and smudges. The distortion is debatable, but when your phone costs a pretty penny and you take your phone on scrappy, rugged adventures, a lens protector for your Ultra Wide fancy camera phone is well worth it.

We hope this list of six must-have accessories for your new iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 offers some inspiration. Add your favorites to your Christmas list or your holiday shopping list as a gift for others.

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