12 Must-See Attractions And Experiences In Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the seafaring hub in the Southern Netherlands. It is one of the most populated cities and serves as Europe’s largest seaport lying in the delta plains of the river Rhine before it empties itself in the North Sea.

Apart from its history, the city has a lot to offer for the wanderers who visit it. It is blessed with years of heritage embedded in the many museums and architectural magnum opus buildings that are scattered across Rotterdam. What are you waiting for when all you have to do is pack a backpack and head on here once you book KLM flight tickets to Rotterdam!

While you are here, here are some of the most amusing tourist attractions that should be on your list.

1. Euromast Tower: Rotterdam is best viewed from nowhere but here!

Trace the stunning landscape and horizons of Rotterdam from the Euromast tower, the tallest building in the city. Enjoy the view that is approximately 606 ft tall with the observation deck, restaurant, couple of suite rooms, and the adventurous zip line for risk lovers.

2. Rotterdam Zoo: Another sight to behold and enjoy with family!

Once you’ve relished the city view, take in the amazing flora and fauna by visiting the Zoo. The wildlife on land in the gardens and in the Oceanium is a sure treat for family and kids.

3. Museumpark: The Museums’ got you covered from all sides!


So this is indeed the hub of six museums. Take a day off from touring the city by visiting this architecturally imminent landmark that serves as a sculpture garden. It is also home to the monument of Gerrit Jongh and the director of municipal works, Rotterdam.

4. Markthal Rotterdam: A recent member of the construction club but the coolest!

Built-in 2009, this building serves as the home to many businesses and food markets. If the cafes and marketplaces that sell the best food aren’t a reason to visit, the very frame of the building that looks like it’s out of a contemporary painting should be. Artist Arno Coenen’s masterpiece of five layered paintings graces the entire length of its walls and there isn’t anything like it.

5. Erasmus Bridge: The adorning jewel to the crown port of Rotterdam!

Erasmus Bridge

Choose the Erasmus Bridge to visit when the city hue hits you. This innovative bridge runs across the distributary, Nieuwe Maas connecting the northern and southern parts of the city. This is a cable bridge with a bascule to allow ships to pass underneath it.

6. Kijk-Kubus: This cubic fixture is sure to entice you!

Just when you think the city couldn’t get any more architecturally amazing, the cube house is there to prove you wrong! This is the Cube House where each house in the building is tilted at a 45-degree angle. One of the houses is also open for tours.

7. Rotterdam Central Station: You couldn’t ask for a more iconic rendezvous

Rotterdam Central Station

This public transport station also has supermarkets and parking facilities. It is another one of the city’s main hubs that connect Rotterdam to other nearby cities. The infrastructure like any other building is a sight to behold.

8. Old Harbour and Marine Museums: Rotterdam’s maritime history is anchored here!

The City’s oldest port is the perfect place to hang out and the Museum is a major attraction for history enthusiasts. Pick your favorite waterfront restaurant, relax, and wander through the restored ancient ships.

 9. Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk: Your medieval revelation begins here!

Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk

Having survived the ruins around it, the Church of Saint Laurence is what will introduce you to the Middle Ages and all its glory. The church, though located in a well-modernized neighborhood, has the ancient glisten that is also portrayed in the interior.

10. Kinder Dijk’s Windmills: Get swept in the beauty of these acclaimed stunners

This is where the heart of the countryside is and should be the reason you’d flown all the way. This Rotterdam quaint village of Kinderdijk had 19 windmills studded along the canals that are picturesque and amazing.

11. Fenix Food Factory: surprise your palate with delicious treats at the Fenix Food Factory!

This local food market and the station are where cheese, meat, cake, and drinks meet. Indulge in the tasting, workshops and also dining of world-class and farm-fresh delights that are too tempting.

12. Delfshaven: It’s picture-perfect and ancient in its own ways

The glossy city paves the way to this district which was spared in war bombings and now glows in the pre-war haze. The brewery and churches along the port are a treat to watch and saunter around.

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