5 Jobs That Enable You To Travel And See The World

Many people dream about leaving their hometowns and traveling the world to learn about new places and cultures. However, extensive travel can be expensive, and you may have neither the time nor the funds available to fit it around the realities of everyday life.

One alternative, however, might be to combine your love of travel with an exciting job that you love to do. To get you thinking about your next career move, here are five jobs that enable you to travel and see the world:

1. Cabin crew

Working on an airplane as a cabin crew member is one of the most obvious ways you can make travel an essential part of your career. You will be responsible for the comfort and safety of your passengers for the duration of the flight.

This will involve anything from serving drinks and in-flight meals to potentially evacuating the plane in a minute or less in the case of an emergency. The airline you work for will depend on the routes that you will be scheduled on, so apply to work for airlines that serve locations you dream of visiting.

2. Trucker


Becoming a trucker is a great way to explore the backroads of the United States. You will experience things that other people would not ordinarily come across, for instance, spending the night in the Arizona desert in pitch black with only the stars above and no other person for miles around. There are different types of trucking that you could get into.

With hotshot trucking, for instance, delivery time is especially important, and you will deliver hot shot loads either locally or across the US in a particular time frame. You will take on a number of jobs at a moment’s notice, making this a great way to see a lot of the country in a short space of time while also earning money.

3. Nurse on a cruise ship

Becoming a nurse on a cruise liner is a great job for a registered nurse who fancies a change of pace. You will assist the ship’s doctor in providing passengers with important health care while at sea. This might include anything from treating the usual travel ailments like seasickness and mild heatstroke to more serious emergencies, such as cardiac arrest.

Despite the responsibility, you will be able to go onshore and explore during your downtime, so find a contract on board a ship that travels to your dream destinations, such as a Disney cruise heading to the Bahamas.

4. ESL teacher

Working as an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher is ideal if you want to spend a longer length of time in a location to fully immerse yourself in the culture and language.

To become qualified as an ESL teacher, you will have to have a bachelor’s degree and an ESL training certificate from an accredited program. ESL teachers are in demand across the world, with demand being particularly high in China, Vietnam, and Russia.

5. Travel blogger

Finally, if you are an accomplished writer and photographer and skilled in managing SEO and boosting your online profile, you could work for yourself as a travel blogger. This career path has the advantage of being entirely independent – if you want to explore a particular location, simply find the means of doing so, and off you go! As a travel blogger, you will have the flexibility of creating a career and travel lifestyle entirely on your own terms.

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