NFL Rumors: Eagles Contemplating Trade of Key Starter

The Philadelphia Eagles have found themselves amidst a swirling rumor that suggests they are considering trading their star tight end, Dallas Goedert. Despite his undeniable talent, concerns regarding Goedert’s injury proneness and the exponential increase in his salary and cap hit by 2024 have fueled speculations about the team’s willingness to offload him before he reaches 30.

However, Goedert’s integral role in the Eagles’ offensive strategy, particularly their affinity for utilizing two tight-end sets, makes a trade unlikely. This article will delve into the factors surrounding this rumor and analyze the potential outcomes.

Financial Considerations

Chase Senior of Chat Sports analyzed the likelihood of the Eagles dealing their $57 million starter in response to a recent mail-bag question. Although Goedert’s upcoming financial commitments appear staggering, with his base salary skyrocketing from $1 million to $14 million and his cap hit tripling from $6.5 million to $19.5 million in 2024, Senior believes that general manager Howie Roseman possesses the skills to restructure contracts and alleviate the burden.

Roseman has successfully managed the team’s previous finances by converting a portion of Goedert’s contract into a signing bonus. Consequently, it is improbable that Goedert will leave Philadelphia anytime soon, given his critical role in the team’s offensive scheme.

Potential Zach Ertz Reunion

Another intriguing rumor revolves around the possibility of former Eagles tight end Ertz rejoining the team. Ertz was traded to the Arizona Cardinals during the 2021 season as part of a cost-cutting measure, allowing him to pursue another Super Bowl victory at a time when the Eagles were struggling while the Cardinals had one of the NFL’s best records.

However, with Ertz still seeking championship success and the Eagles and Cardinals now on opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of championship contention, it is conceivable that he may entertain the idea of returning to the franchise that initially drafted him 35th overall in 2013.

Nonetheless, the chances of the Eagles initiating this reunion are slim. Ertz’s contract carries a substantial price tag, with an $8.5 million guaranteed base salary for 2023. Paying such a significant amount to an aging veteran who would likely serve as a backup is deemed financially unviable for any team.

While the rebuilding Cardinals may be open to trading Ertz to relieve themselves of his contract, it is unlikely that any move will materialize unless Arizona agrees to assume a portion of his salary. NFL spreads may impact the decision-making process of teams involved in potential trades like this.

Updated TE Depth Chart

Examining the Eagles’ updated tight-end depth chart reveals a lack of depth and proven talent beyond Goedert. Goedert’s position is secure as the undisputed starter, but the backup role remains up for grabs. The team expects Jack Stoll to return as the primary backup, but competition for the position is fierce. The Eagles acquired Dan Arnold, an underrated playmaker with significant size and experience, and Tyree Jackson is set to return fully recovered from a torn ACL.

In addition to the aforementioned players, other contenders vying for a spot on the roster include second-year player Grant Calcaterra, undrafted rookie Brady Russell, and veteran Dalton Keene. The Eagles will likely closely evaluate the performance and potential of these candidates throughout training camp and preseason to determine the final composition of their tight-end corps.


While rumors continue to circulate regarding the potential trade of Goedert, it is highly improbable the Eagles will part ways with their star-tight end. Despite the financial challenges posed by Goedert’s escalating contract, Roseman’s history of successfully restructuring deals indicates that the team will find a way to manage the situation. Furthermore, as a playmaker and a skilled blocker, Goedert’s significant contributions to the team’s offensive strategy make him an indispensable asset.

With Goedert, quarterback Jalen Hurts, wide receivers A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith, and newly-acquired running D’Andre Swift, the Eagles are poised to continue their pursuit of a Super Bowl championship that they came so close to obtaining a year ago.

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