Our Favourite Things Become Part of Us

They are an extension of our existence, therefore, they become a symbol of our existence. They make us feel real and validate our needs. The power of our personal belongings is impressive. As we age and mature, so do they and it will accompany us on our journey through life.


Although young children approach objects in simpler ways, such as claiming ownership or being jealous, older children raise more complex questions. How do they view their property, especially their clothes, as a mirror of themselves or their ideal self?


As we become young people, this sense of identity becomes more complicated, because our things have changed from a symbol of ourselves to a true extension of ourselves.


After our teenage years, our things become more expensive, our relationship with them becomes more complicated. We become brave by buying bright shirts and dyeing our hair into wild colors. Young adults want to stand out, they want to find their identity and feel comfortable in their own skin.


patek philippe watch

As we mature through our twenties, the statement we try to make with our belongings changes. When we are successful, we begin to buy things for their quality and craftsmanship. Take a look at this collection at patek philippe nyc and appreciate the detail and exquisiteness.

This dynamic of material wealth that reflects our identity will not change when we grow up. This is constant, but as we age, ourselves and the corresponding things will change too. This makes sense because as we grow older, we have more experience to learn from, we spend more time turning ourselves into the people we want to be, we know what foods to eat, we know what we like in music, in the end, we know what we want. Buy and don’t buy are clear, calculated decisions. The wristwatch is the ultimate embodiment of quality and craftsmanship. For example, take a look at this beautiful watch being sold at an auction.

The Makers

Reputable watchmakers have a long history of making products that reflect dignity and respect for watchmaking craftsmanship. You see, the best thing about being a watch aficionado is that you can enjoy and experience decades of craftsmanship on your wrist every time you wear a watch. These products’ craftsmen pay great attention to precision and quality when manufacturing them.

The Custodians

Although many people in the watch industry buy expensive watches for price and grandeur, many people buy them for their craftsmanship. In the watchmaking industry, a machinist must establish perfect proportions for each part, where the part itself is very small, with almost no errors. Any small errors in the machining and assembly process and the entire gear, spring, and wheel system become useless. Who would buy a watch that doesn’t tell the time?

It’s Time

For a timepiece, the more complex the movement that powers it, the more expensive it is. One of the most respected watch brands of all time, Patek Philippe, has perfected the mechanical watch movement. As a watch collector, it is a privilege to be able to appreciate the craftsmanship, creativity, and artistic skills of watchmaking. This is part of who we are.

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