Personalize Your Ride And Enhance Style With Graphics Kits

Dirt bike owners want their rides to look fantastic, whether in a competition or enjoying some off-road fun. Custom decals help dirt bike owners stand out from the rest. 

Why stick with the monotonous stock graphics when limitless design options bring bikes to life? Those who have never indulged in changing the look of their dirt bikes should consider their options. 

Reasons to Add Dirt Bike Graphics to Bikes

Dirt bike owners can overhaul the looks of their bikes with custom Kawasaki KLX 300 graphics. Owners should consider the following reasons for upgrading their dirt bike graphics. 

Dirt bike Graphics Allow for the Owner’s Creative Expression

One of the most common reasons owners seek custom dirt bike decals is because they allow for creative expression.

Deliver a message that will speak to everyone about the owner’s interests. When owners get tired of the look of their bikes, they can remove the decals and start over. Custom decals allow owners to transform their dirt bikes any way they see fit. 

Dirt Bike Graphics Protect Paint Finishes

Over time, UV exposure causes damage to paint finishes. Applying decals allows paint finishes to remain stunning. They remove effortlessly without causing any paint damage. Owners can rest assured their bike’s finish will continue to look beautiful through many years of use. 

Dirt bike Graphics Improve Visibility

Graphics on dirt bikes

Whether on the track or trail, visibility is critical for preventing serious accidents. Those in the dirt bike competitive circuit will appreciate greater visibility in another way. Sponsors will grow accustomed to seeing the rider’s unique style, so they are more likely to gain attention. 

Decals Are Simple to Remove

Paint is permanent. Those who like to change up the look of their dirt bikes will often find paint presents a problem.

Using removable graphics allows owners to switch the look of their dirt bikes any time they like, with little effort. Graphics can be removed with a little adhesive remover. Some people apply a hairdryer to the graphics to get them to peel away easily. 

Decals Are More Affordable Than Custom Paint Jobs

Custom paint jobs can set owners back a few hundred dollars or more, depending on the graphics. Graphics kits are much more affordable, making it possible for anyone to enjoy a new dirt bike look without breaking the bank. 

Tips for Using a Dirt Bike Graphics Kit

Using a dirt bike graphic kit could not be simpler. Following the tips below will help owners get the look they crave and make it last. 

  • Start with a squeaky clean dirt bike. Wash the bike with warm soapy water, and make sure to rinse and dry carefully. 
  • Decide on the placement first. Make sure to plan the placement before sticking the first decal in place. 
  • Follow the graphics instructions in their entirety. Failure to follow the instructions could result in a lackluster finished result. 
  • Remove any bubbles by using the included scraper tool. You can use an old credit card if you do not have a tool.

Discover the Options Today

Changing the look of a dirt bike is not overly challenging. With beautiful graphics kits and custom options, the sky is the limit on the ways owners can transform their bikes for a special race event or everyday use. 

With so many options, now is a great time to survey the looks. Graphics kits allow owners to change the look of their bikes without causing permanent damage or change.

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