5 Ways To Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases Among Men

Men are always portrayed as strong and can withstand various kinds of challenges. But, the stress and anxiety they feel in day jobs, and other responsibilities could contribute to why men are more prone to experience cardiovascular diseases.

In addition to this, when stress is matched with overeating, an inactive lifestyle, and unhealthy eating habits, there’s a great chance for a person to develop heart disease.

In fact, in the United States alone, it was discovered that heart diseases like heart failure, valve disease, high blood pressure, and more are the leading cause of death in men. That being said, it’s also alarming how men are usually less aware of their symptoms, which leads them to a worst-case scenario for their health.

So, to help prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases among men, here are a few tips you could follow:

Get Checked Regularly

Getting a health assessment is a form of self-care that allows a person to know whether or not they are showing some symptoms of a possible disease, improve their immune system, and help get the right support in achieving a healthier and better life.

But, there’s a problem with getting regular checkups for men as they prioritize their jobs, careers, and responsibilities above their health condition. This leads to complications like severe obesity, stroke, heart attack, irregular heartbeats, and more that could have been prevented if given attention.

Aside from lab work, you can also get useful information from other health professionals. It could be through online consultation, reading about illness prevention online from reputable websites, or even downloading some health-related apps like the RX app to help you locate nearby pharmacies and enjoy huge discounts on your prescription medicines.


Exercise men

Achieving good heart health is possible through regular exercises like aerobic workouts, gym exercises, jogging, playing sports, and more. Being active and exercising is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, strengthen heart muscles, and prevent high blood pressure that may cause stroke or heart attack.

Also, regular exercise helps the heart do a better job pumping blood throughout a person’s body. So, ensure that you make time for some regular exercises, preferably in the morning, since it’s proven in a study that men had a better chance at weight loss if they exercised during the day.

Stop Your Vices

There could be different motives as to why a person drinks, but for men, it’s usually due to escape problems, for fun, or for socializing. Although drinking now and then isn’t that harmful to one’s body, when the “occasional drinking” turns into an everyday thing, problems may arise, affecting not only one’s health but his overall lifestyle.

Limiting alcohol intake is advised because alcohol could raise blood pressure and add up some calories in the body. With this, a person becomes at risk for weight gain and heart problems.

In addition, this also goes for smoking practices. Cigarettes may seem to be pleasurable at first because of the chemical properties like nicotine that it contains. Still, it also risks a person from a heart attack, especially if you start becoming dependent on them because the heart’s arteries may narrow and your heart rate also increases

Have A Positive Outlet Of Your Stress

Stress is highly associated with heart disease in many ways. For men, sometimes having an outlet for stress is difficult, given some men are afraid to show their vulnerability to others. In cases like this, not only cardiovascular diseases may arise, like coronary heart disease, arrhythmias, and hypertension, but even mental health problems like depression and anxiety.

Some of the common stress outlet practices done by men are taking walks, listening to calming music, getting a massage, starting to get active, eating right, and more. These ways may seem too simple for some, but the effects on the body are positive and could even help a person live a longer life.


Not getting enough sleep poses many negative effects on the body, both for men and women. But, research shows that women tend to fall asleep faster and have longer sleeping periods than men. In this case, the sleep quality of females and males may vary, and even productivity when it comes to working. If males fail to get enough time to sleep at night, three diseases may arise, namely obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Thus, ensure that you start working on establishing good sleeping habits to prevent any development of possible illnesses like sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is when a person stops breathing while asleep, which may interfere with the ability to get a good night’s rest and risk a possible heart attack.

Final Thoughts

Lifestyle improvements like getting health checkups, stopping bad habits, exercising, and more are needed to help combat risk factors that may lead to death caused by heart disease.

Also, remember that no amount of work or stress is worth it for a person to lose their health, especially men. So, ensure you’ve read the details above to help reduce the chances of developing heart-related problems.

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