17 Practical Product Ideas That Turn A Profit

There has been a growth in e-commerce since the pandemic, and businesses that are not online may as well not exist. E-commerce sales are expected to have a total share of 24% of total global retail sales by 2026.

This puts pressure on existing businesses to ramp up their marketing and on budding entrepreneurs to finally start that online store. But how else can they make a name in an already crowded market?

Many factors contribute to this. Launching a Google ads campaign is one smart way to breach a tight competition. Another is by selling the right products.

How to Find Products and Where to Sell Them

Trends come and go, but if a business rides the wave early, it can help a brand skyrocket its sales. With this, brands can leverage Google Trends to find out what consumers are actually searching for online.

On the website, entrepreneurs can check out trending topics in their industries. Or they can do a search using a relevant keyword and discover related keywords people are searching for online. This gives them an idea of what products are more likely to sell once they add them to their inventory.

Once they’ve decided on a product, the next thing to ask is—where do you start selling? Well, those on a limited budget can start a small business online. Otherwise, they can create their e-commerce website where customers can directly transact with the seller.

17 E-commerce Products That Are All the Rage Now

No time to search for trending products to sell? Here’s a rundown of the most popular products gaining the most sales in 2022.

beauty products

Hair and Beauty Products

1. Laser Hair Removal

For many people, being hair-free is a preference. For others, it’s part of their hygiene. Whatever the case, laser hair removal is one of those age-old problems that won’t be going away anytime soon. This makes IPL devices great products to start selling in an online store.

2. Detangling Hair Brushes

Detangler brushes are taking over popular influencers’ feeds and for good reason. They make great tools to detangle unruly hair without losing too much hair. Good Housekeeping has recently created a listicle of the best detangling brushes on the market today.

While online sellers can resell these products, they can always design their own at a lower price to make them more accessible to the budget-conscious market.

3. Hair Growth Serum

Thinning hair and hair loss is a dilemma many faces. Too many, in fact. It’s no wonder why hair growth serums are always trending in the retail and e-commerce industries. Online sellers can address this pain point and start selling products that promote hair growth and overall hair health.

4. False Eyelashes

While eyelash extensions are more convenient, they can be costly. A more budget-friendly option is false or fake eyelashes. Thousands of sellers purchase these products in bulk and resell them in their online stores. Aside from fake lashes, they can also sell complementary products such as eyelash glue, serums, eyebrow stencils, and the like.

Women’s Fashion

1. Barrettes

The Y2K style has been making a huge comeback this year, specifically bringing back barrettes and hair clips. Even Chanel is jumping on the bandwagon. With its rising popularity, fashion retailers can start adding these hair accessories to their product list and see an increase in sales soon. They can also tap on influencers to market these products for them.

2. Straight-leg jeans

Skinny jeans are out. Straight-leg jeans are currently on an upward climb in popularity, making them a great product to sell. When marketing clothing items, businesses can leverage Facebook and Instagram ads. They can also try marketing on Pinterest to reach a more targeted audience.

3. Athleisure

The great thing about athleisure is it can be worn for workouts or hanging out with friends. That’s one of the reasons it has remained popular for a few years now.

Business owners interested in selling athleisure can partner with the right influencers to lead them to the right audience. These include fitness buffs, yoga instructors, and the like.

4. Swimwear

Now that everything is back to normal since the pandemic, more and more people have started traveling and hitting the beach. This makes swimwear an ever-popular product any budding entrepreneur can sell.

To stand out from an already crowded market, new online sellers can venture into sustainable swimwear or an all-inclusive line that caters to people of all sizes.

5. Jewelry and accessories

Jewelry and other fashion accessories are always in demand, so it’s a no-brainer for them to make this list. While beating the competition in this industry can be challenging, there are effective ways to sell jewelry online.

Businesses should also consider what type of jewelry to sell: rings, necklaces, or fine or plated.

Consumer Electronics

1. Air fryer

Air fryer

Air fryers continue to maintain their popularity throughout 2022. These gadgets fry any food without all that oil, making it a great option for health-conscious consumers.

Online sellers can try sourcing air fryers from reliable suppliers. But another option would be to consider drop shipping. This way, they won’t need to handle manufacturing and distribution and will only have to deal with marketing and securing sales.

2. Wireless earbuds

With the introduction of AirPods, many consumers have been looking for good alternatives that won’t break the bank. This makes wireless earbuds a great product to sell online.

Before giving the go on a supplier, business owners need quality assurance to ensure they get the most sales—and avoid potential customer complaints.

3. VR accessories

The augmented and virtual reality market is expected to reach $454.73 billion by 2030. This makes VR devices and their accessories, including headsets, chargers, and handheld tools, excellent products to sell online.

Being an online reseller for these gadgets is a great e-commerce opportunity. However, marketing can be tricky. A pro tip is to consider reaching an audience via Reddit, a popular social media platform for product reviews.

Pet Care Products

1. Automatic feeder

Automatic feeding bowls make leaving one’s pets alone in the house much easier. With a nifty gadget that instantly dispenses food, pet owners can leave their homes for longer periods without worrying about their pets.

2. Pet monitors

Pet monitors are another must-have gadget for pet owners planning short vacations that are worried about leaving their pets behind. These monitors even allow owners to talk through a speaker to communicate with their pets in real-time.

3. Dog beds 

Pet furniture is another sector projected to hit the $3 billion mark by 2025. In fact, there’s been a recent spike in queries about dog beds due to trends such as orthopedic dog beds.

Those considering selling these products can market them well with great images and a cute furry model to boot.

Print-on-Demand Items

1. Custom shirts and hoodies

Personalized things are always hot items. Aside from being great gift ideas, these make great souvenirs, party favors, and wedding giveaways. With this, online sellers can venture into offering print-on-demand apparel and personal items, such as T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, or tote bags.

Print-on-demand businesses are often allowed on online marketplaces like Amazon or Etsy. However, sellers are encouraged to create their designs to avoid copyright issues. Some platforms also require sellers to disclose their printing partners.

2. Wall Art

Wall Art

Artist-slash-entrepreneurs can take advantage of digitalization by producing prints of their artworks and selling them online. While it may seem absurd, especially for traditional artists, there has been a demand for printed wall art because of its affordability and low maintenance.

Some of the best places to sell art online include social media marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, custom-built online shops, or a mix of all channels: the more platforms, the more chances of getting those sales.

Explore Your Options

As with any business, launching an online store is a trial-and-error process. While the above products are selling like hotcakes today, it’s no guarantee that they will do so tomorrow. The trick is to test the waters, stick to what works, and always find innovative ways to market these products.

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