5 Important Questions You Must Know While Opting For Jewelry Repairs

Not often do we visit a jewelry repair shop unless there is dirt clogged in the grooves of our necklace or the chain links of our bracelet become loose.

One of my friends who live in Seattle know little about how to find the best Seattle jewelry repair shop, one that can help restore the sheen in our ornaments.

Now that you are reading this article, you won’t have to be tentative before visiting a jeweler because we have prepared a list of five questions that will help you ensure that you have visited the right jeweler.

So, let’s take a look:

Question 1- Can you give me a time-bound commitment?

Some jewelers may take weeks to clean and repair your ornament. They can be a feasible option if you are not eyeing up an event on the same day.

However, if you have to attend one, you need a jeweler who can repair your ornament on the same day.

And that is why you need to ask your jeweler whether they can offer a time-bound commitment or not. Depending on the artisans’ workload, the owner will assign you a pickup time.

Question 2- Do you fix all types of ornaments?

Some jewelry shops deal in specific ornaments only. For example, a shop may only serve customers with watch-related queries, while some others may only entertain customers who want to get their necklace repaired.

Therefore, you need to find a company that can provide all types of repairs. From resizing your bracelet to polishing your watch, a shop should be able to do all that and more.

You need an all-in-one shop, even more, when you have multiple types of ornaments that need fixing. Taking each ornament to a different repair shop will be far more costly and time-consuming.

Jewelry Repairs

Question 3- Do you deal in certified precious stones only?

If you are getting a new gemstone or diamond fitted inside the necklace of your girlfriend, then we recommend you first ascertain whether the owner is using certified stones or not.

Underestimating the importance of certification is probably the biggest jewelry mistake one can make. Precious stones are smuggled, and some shop owners sell them in legitimate trade.

But certified precious stones are lab-tested. They are graded according to their color, cut, clarity, and carat. Their certification guarantees that you are buying the perfect bang for your buck.

So, it would help if you inquired about the stone’s authenticity.

Question 4- How long have you been in business?

You know that precious stones have been around for ages. But, what about your repair company?

How long have they been serving their customers? Experienced jewelers rarely deal in activities like black marketing and smuggling of precious stones because they have a reputation for taking care of them.

They are mostly authentic as they have the loyalties of their decade-old customers. Therefore, you must ascertain that your jeweler has been around for a long time.

Their experience also testifies that they have a staff full of certified and experienced artisans.

Question 5- Do you offer a guarantee on your repair services?

Your jewelry is precious and costly. Therefore, you cannot afford to get damaged in the repair process. That is why you need a repair company that can offer you a warranty on their repairs.

A repairs warranty will ensure that you do not lose a single buck, even if your ornament gets damaged completely, as the onus for getting you a new piece that is priced parallelly lies on the jeweler.

So, choose a jeweler who can at least provide a year’s warranty on repairs.

Final Thoughts

Your jewelry defines your class. That is why it should never lose its shine. Jewelry repair companies ensure that even your decade-old ornaments remain ever-attractive and shining.

So, integrate these five questions into your arsenal and choose the best jeweler for repairs.

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