The Ultimate Guide To Wearing Men’s Jewelry

A great piece of jewelry would surely help to accessorize a person’s outfit and allow them to be stylish for the entire day. While wearing jewelry is more popular for the ladies, men can also wear them and make themselves look and feel good. It’ll be a way to improve their entire look without having to change their outfit, as a piece of metal can spruce it up.

Of course, just like any other thing, having a guide on wearing jewelry would surely be helpful for everyone. This will help you learn about balance and which parts would go perfectly well together.

To help you out below is your ultimate guide to wearing men’s jewelry:

1. Rings

One popular piece of jewelry that most men wear is a ring. They’re simple, easy to wear, and can help to accessorize their entire look. Even so, there are different ways to wear a ring; they can use it to be fashionable or as their wedding ring to symbolize their commitment to their partner. However, they choose to wear their rings, try to make them stylish and fit your personality well.

Most fashionistas recommend that men should only wear a maximum of two-tone colors for their rings. Preferably, if you could wear a single tone, such as gold or silver, the better it’ll be for your appearance. When it comes to mens rings, simpler is better. This can help to make you look sophisticated and classy at the same time. Moreover, it’d also be ideal if you could wear a maximum of two rings for each hand.

Alternatively, if you’d like to wear large rings with a gemstone or even just a flat surface, try to keep it to a minimum for simplicity. Ideally, you should only wear one large ring, and all the other ones to be a plain band. It’ll also be helpful if you could use the same color band for a unified look.

2. Bracelet


Wearing bracelets can help make any wrist look fashionable. Instead of just wearing a watch, throwing in a piece of the bracelet can help spruce up your entire outfit. However, you must be careful with your bracelet choices as you must ensure that you steer yourself away from women’s bracelets as they can give the wrong impression of your look.

When wearing bracelets, avoid those with charms, pendants, and oversized styles. Your bracelet should help to complement your outfit and not overpower it. While there are plenty of materials you can choose from, going in metal or leather pieces would always be the perfect choice as they can work seamlessly with any other outfit. Furthermore, you can even wear two pieces with a different material to allow your wrist to be extra fashionable.

3. Necklace

Necklaces are another crowd favorite when it comes to jewelry for men. They can be discreet as you can put them under your shirt and become fashionable. In most cases, men wear necklaces as they hold a special meaning to them or symbolize something they love. But of course, men can always choose to wear one because it looks stylish and works perfectly with their outfits. However, there’s a certain guide when it comes to wearing necklaces for men.

When wearing necklaces, try to keep them simple and minimalistic. Preferably, if you could avoid adding pendants, it’ll be better for your style. Try to go with thin chains that aren’t too short or long, and sit just about right on your body. Stay away from large, chunky pieces unless you want to express a fashion statement. Nonetheless, keep it simple and plain if you’re planning to wear a pendant. This is the safest option, as pulling off a large piece might not be for everyone’s taste.

4. Earrings

If you have an ear piercing, it’s only logical to put on earrings to keep those holes open. However, when it comes to earrings, there are plenty of ways to wear them, depending on where your piercing would be. It could be just within the lobe, helix, tragus, or even on the nose. With that, you should be specific about how you’d like your earrings to be and how loud or soft you would want them to be.

Earing choices can go wide and different as there are plenty of styles to choose from, especially for men. If you’re going for a discreet and soft tone, you should go for a minimalist earring, ideally with a silver material. This can help to make your jewelry complement your outfit and not allow it to steal the show. While you can always go for loud and sparkly materials, ensure they go well with the rest of your attire.

5. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are another type of jewelry that you use to help accessorize your entire outfit. While you might not be wearing them directly to your body, it’s something that you attach to your clothing to make it look more sophisticated, beautiful, and classy. However, choosing the perfect cufflinks can be challenging, especially since there are plenty of design options you can choose from, along with considering the event’s theme.

When wearing cufflinks, ensure that you use color and design that perfectly matches your suit. Going for a plain and simple design would go perfectly well with any type of outfit you’re planning to wear. Wearing a simple rectangular or circular cufflink could provide a soft and classy appearance. While you can always try to go loud on colors, keeping it minimalistic could help make your entire look feel classy.

6. Watch

While a watch is more of an accessory, it can be worn as jewelry, especially if you’re using it to spruce up your entire outfit. With a watch, you can easily tell time while also allowing you to complete your overall look. However, since you’re using it to improve your overall appearance, you need to be careful about which kind of material you should use.

There are two kinds of watches that you can use for any kind of outfit. For a classy look, you might consider going for a stainless steel or leather band. However, going for a rubber or silicone band would always be great if you’re trying to opt for a sporty look. Just ensure that you pick a watch size that complements well the size of your wrist so that it won’t look too small or big on your body.


Wearing men’s jewelry can help to improve one’s appearance, especially if worn correctly. The only difference is that you should always try to keep things simple and minimalist all the time. Going for mute and basic designs would be perfect for any men’s jewelry.

Finally, always choose what makes you happy and confident to be in. Allow the jewelry to make you feel good, not the other way around.

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