5 Simple Ways To Declutter your Home

Many people have decided that they have too many things cluttering their homes. Each day they look around their home and get frustrated because they want to get rid of something and simplify the house but don’t know where to start.

You’ll find that there are a wide variety of benefits to owning fewer items.

Platforms like AptDeco allow you to declutter your home by selling old furniture and household items you have no use for anymore.

AptDeco Is A Platform To Sell Old Furniture

AptDeco is a great option to take when beginning your decluttering journey. Chances are you have furniture or other household items that need to be sold, and using a platform like AptDeco makes this much more accessible. It’s safe and quick while offering a team of experts to help you with your sales. That includes streamlining the listing, pick up, and more. It makes decluttering much easier as a result.

Creating A Checklist Is A Wonderful Visual Option

Creating lists is a fantastic way to get yourself organized. When you can see what you need to do, you ensure that you know what is most important to you and what doesn’t matter as much. For example, if you are looking at your bedroom and looking to declutter, a small list of five things to start may look like this.

  • Donate books from one bookshelf
  • Clean any trash on the floor or other areas
  • Gather any clothes that don’t fit or seasonal items you don’t use
  • Go through any accessories
  • Get rid of any old bedding

This is a small list, but these are all great ways to get rid of items that can be cluttering your room.

Start With a Few Minutes At A Time

A guy moving furniture

Start by taking things a few minutes at a time. Suppose you are new to decluttering and getting rid of things you don’t need. Build momentum slowly by attempting just 10-15 minutes a day. The smallest area and time frame can be helpful to ensure that you get started. Remember, starting is a big step, but it becomes easier to stay motivated once you get going.

Getting Rid Of Your Wardrobe

As we mentioned above, going through your wardrobe will be a big part of this. The reasoning is that people tend to do two things that cause clutter and lead to hoarding. The first is that they shop without needing anything.

The second is wanting to wait to fit into clothes they once did. For example, if you have lost a large amount of weight, you may save a few old pants or tops if the weight fluctuates. The opposite is also true. On weight loss journeys, ‘s may decide to wait and keep the old clothes until they can use them again.

While this is a good thing to do as it ensures that you don’t waste clothing, if you know that you don’t need them and haven’t worn the clothes, you should get rid of them and donate them to someone who will. Instead of holding on, let go and give someone who doesn’t have the means to obtain an entire wardrobe a chance to get the things they need.

Filling Bags Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Filling one trash bag a day is another excellent solution to decluttering. These are usually random items from a room, such as Knick knacks, books, pillows, and other décor or wall areas. One of the areas for this that most people like to start with is the bathroom or living room.

The bathroom is accessible because it’s smaller and usually takes about a half-hour because you’re finding things out of date or that you don’t use. The former can’t be donated but the latter can, making the bag fill up quickly.

Decluttering Is Easy When You Get Started

Any project is easy once you get started. Consider these tips to ensure that you’re getting unwanted items from your home. Each of these solutions is simple and can be achieved easily in less than an hour or two.

Remember to sell your old furniture and household items on AptDeco. Stick with it, and you’ll find that you can get rid of hundreds of items a year.

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