The Ultimate Guide To The Straw Hats For Men

A timeless fashionable and practical wardrobe prop is a straw hat that is made of firmly woven synthetic or regular straw materials and is wide-brimmed for sun protection. Straw hats are usually worn by both men and women and these hats come in a variety of styles.

Hats such as straw hats have been worn in Asia and Europe from the time of the Middle Ages and have never stopped to provide sun protection and chic style. They are very popular because straw material is extremely lightweight.

Also, these hats are woven which means there are tiny openings, which allow for aeration and cooling throughout the wear-time even during the hottest of summers.

Today, in this article we are going to talk about straw hats for men:

Boater Hats

Men of all ages have worn the boater hats for much of history, usually as a formal hat for the warm weather. In fact, for a long time, there was essentially a certified day where the men would change from their winter hats to their summer boater hats.

These boater hats later came to be known as straw hats as these hats were made with a firm straw. Just like the straw hats, a boater hat has a distinct look with a firm flat crown and brim. Thus the boater hats became a part of the straw hats for men.

Ringleader Straw Hat

Ringleader Straw Hat

This is one of the most stylish straw hats for men. The Brim of the hat is 2 ½ inches. It is made of Straw and sewn in the sweatband. It is lightweight. Transform into being the master of your warm-weather universe with the help of the Ringleader Straw Top Hat which is made from durable, lightweight, and high-quality straw.

The rural look stands out amongst the other straw hats for men and has a sleek design that will capture the attention of your audience no matter where you are and who you are with. Sport it with confidence for the classic chic style.

Panama Straw Hats

These hats are very easy to wear. Because of their ease of wear and their breathability, Panama hats are the typical vacationer’s hats. This hat is popularly worn by men accompanied by a light silk or linen suit. The Panama hat is traditionally made from Toquilla straw type, which is a light-colored straw.

Like many other straw hats for men, the more fitted the weave is, the more effective it is, and thus the higher the price tag will be. Panama straw hats are very popular with vacationers and tourists as they give the required sun protection along with the classic style.

Fedora Straw Hat

People often confuse Fedora Hats with Panama hats. But they are a little different than one another. Panama hats are made with Toquilla straw whereas the shape of the hat defines Fedoras. All Panama hats are weaved with straw, while fedora hats are made with other materials such as felt.

A fedora straw hat has a low crown, along with a pinched front, and temporally wide brim, which is perfect for sun protection and style. When you think of Panama straw hats, you think of Panama straw hats in the Fedora style. This is one of the classiest hats in the straw hats for men range.

Billings Straw Cowboy Hat

The brim of the hat is slightly more than 3 inches. You will feel a certain feeling of freedom on wearing your favorite hat and you will have the confidence to know that whatever comes next you will handle it.

The Billings cowboy hat is a unique one from the straw hats for men category. It features a traditional cowboy hat crease, a wide brim to keep the sun off your face while allowing the cool air inside your head via vents in the 4 inches crown.

The hat has a padded sweatband and makes it comfortable enough for any activity or an event. This hat is ideal for a perfect day at work then a downtown spin.

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