What to Wear When Summer Comes? 5 Cool Ideas for Men

Dressing in summer is an enjoyable yet challenging task. You have to strive for comfort without compromising for your looks but achieving both could be more complicated if you’re unwilling to show off your skin much.

If you are the same kind of guy who loves to do things in their own unique way and avoid replicating the ideas, then this guide is for you.

So, let’s dive in!

1. Don’t go for Vibrant Colors:

The best way to do it is to wear floral shirts! But obviously, don’t go for the intricately designed vibrant colors as they will portray you much like a juggler. We recommend keeping it simple by picking cool colors like light blue, light apple green, and floral designs in black and white contrast.

We suggested it first because this wear is the best way to display your fashion sense. Besides the lightweight, breathable material that is typically used for them, these shirts instantly get you achieved the goal of looking trendy without drowning in the sweats.

2. Get Cooler When the Temperature Drops:

When the temperature drops to the level that the moistures become a part of your daily life, we suggest you switch to round necks. Nowadays, light color plain t-shirts are trending at a great pace, so it would be wise to follow the ongoing trend. Hunt for decent light colors like light blue, light green, and light pink.

If you find difficulty finding good plain colors and are left with no further choice than to go for darker, consider green and navy blue but still avoid black and maroon.


A man wearing round neck tshirt

3. Be a Trendsetter with Your Unique Idea:

Instead of following the herd of jeans, go beyond the prevailing denim trend and try something decent but in a different way. And you can easily do it by transforming the plain chinos into ripped chinos.

Unlike the overused ripped jeans, they will get you tons of compliments because of their unconventional look. To elevate the style, even more, use a contrasting cloth underneath the slit areas. Preferably a fabric matching the shirt’s color would be an ideal contrast.

4. Wear Tough but Feel Light:

When everyone is having their hands-on cotton and nylon, you should go the extra mile to astonish others with your epic outerwear like donning a “Leather Jacket”.

As the name suggests, several brands are playing a role in producing leather jackets, and everyone offers something unique that sets them apart from others. As said by the CEO of Angel Jackets, a leather jacket is a timeless attire and no wardrobe is completed without one.

Pair them with your plain tees and keep the front unfastened to let the air in and blow out the jacket on the move to create a mesmerizing look.

5. Layer Up with A Classic:

Summer fashion doesn’t end with casual streetwear. In fact, you can even elevate your everyday look to semi-formal just by adding decent outerwear that looks formal and can easily bump up your casual look.

Here we are talking about the classic yet trending essential, “Blazers.” Like already said, for summer wear, keep the color of this piece of clothing light as well. Throw it over the plain chinos or jeans and wear it over the round neck, polo tees, or classic fit shirts.

Lastly, summer style is all about focusing on comfort first and chicness last. After all, your pleasant expression is the most important accessory that you can’t get without comfort. Do well research on the thin breathable fabric primarily, and then pick the style you like the most.

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