10 Stunning Ways For Your Girlfriend To Rock Plus-Size Outfits

Let’s face it; body shaming has been and still is a common practice. However, the truth is, every woman, no matter the color or body type, is beautiful. Unfortunately, many plus-sized women believe they can only wear baggy clothes. In reality, plus-size women can wear tight dresses and still look classy as any other woman.

Moreover, the good news is the fashion industry is also welcoming this positive change with open arms. So if you are a plus-size woman, you need not worry. Instead, gear up yourself for a shopping spree to refresh your wardrobe that make your figure look less bulky. Therefore, read below some best styling tips for all plus-sized women:


All plus-size women aren’t the same. That is why learning your body type matters. Some of the standard body type sizes include hourglass, pear-shaped, apple-shaped, etc. You can only pull off your outfits in the best way possible if you know your size correctly. Moreover, we all know online shopping isn’t easy.  Learning your measurements can help you avoid pulling your hair while deciding on your clothes in online shopping.


Are you feeling a little hesitant to wear jeans just because you are plus-size? No worries, you can still flaunt your body in skinny jeans and look fashionable. The right pair of skinny jeans can lengthen your legs in a super flattering way. Furthermore, high-waisted pants are recommendable for full-figured ladies as they can help you conceal your belly. So make a stop at your favorite jeans wear store and look for plus-size jeans that go best with your body. Make sure to try on various jeans before deciding on the ones that suit you best.

Plus-Size Outfits for girl


If you don’t wish to look fat, then play safe with the black color. The monochromatic color usually gives an illusion of a slim and smart figure. However, you can’t always wear black as it will make you look boring and sloppy. Instead, play around with different colors on handbags, belts, hats, or accessories. Are you unsure about what color combination to choose when deciding on your outfit? In that case, looking into complementary colors can be your savior.


Do you pay attention to your undergarments while deciding on your outfit for a day? Unfortunately, many ladies often overlook this factor when dressing up, believing their undergarments are usually not visible. However, in reality, the right choice of your undergarment can make you look more charismatic. So take pleasure in splurging money by purchasing undergarments that complement your curves. A pro tip is to buy tummy tucker if you are conscious of your belly fat.


While paying attention to your dress wear is essential, don’t forget to style your game with chic accessories like women’s watches. Your accessories play a significant role in hiding your flaws and highlighting your strengths. For instance, you can go with a choker necklace if you wish to get all eyes on you. Likewise, wide belts are perfect for ladies who want to hide their bellies or take away attention from large prints. Also, don’t forget the right size of the handbag that balances your body proportions.


Many plus-sized ladies choose to wear baggy shirts and pants to hide their fat bellies and thighs. The truth, however, is, these baggy clothes are more likely to make you look like a sack of potatoes. So instead of shying away, make sure to embrace your figure and show off your assets. For example, you can opt for dresses with plunging necklines, either V or U-shaped, to drive away attention from your stomach. These dresses are also a perfect choice for your date night as they can make you look flattering and sensual. However, make sure your clothes are not too clingy as they would enlarge your body shape.


There might be some days when you don’t feel confident about showing off your body parts by wearing revealing dresses. No worries, at times like these, layering won’t hurt you. Thus, spend a fortune purchasing oversized blazers, long shrugs, denim jackets, etc. However, when layering, make sure to keep your lower half in something fitted, such as a pencil skirt, leggings, jeans, etc. That way, you can create a more stunning silhouette.

Girl wearing Plus-Size Outfit


Ladies with curves, it’s time to make room for wrap dresses in your wardrobe. The wrap dresses might be the right choice for all sizes, as it never disappoints. It is because it is easily adjustable, so you don’t have to worry about your fitting. The best part about these dresses is they can smoothly hide your flaws and strengthen your body features. From wedding functions to hangouts with friends, these chic wrap dresses can be your go-to attire.


One of the prominent factors to consider before buying any dress is to check the print or fabric. Are you full-figured? Then it’s best to avoid fabrics that add volume to your body. Instead, go for thin fabric as it will make your body look light. On the other hand, if you want to wear something comfortable, flowy fabrics can be your go-to option. Moreover, avoid clothes with horizontal patterns as they make you look bulkier.


Your outfit is incomplete without the perfect pair of shoes. So explore the earth by opting for a shoewear that lengthens your torso and is comfortable. Avoid going for heels with stripes around your ankle or square-toe shoes, as they are highly uncomfortable and can bloat your feet. Instead, wear pumps, gladiators, or high-ankle boots that fit your legs perfectly.


Being a plus-sized woman does not stop you from following the latest fashion trends. You can get fashion inspiration from curvaceous influencers on social media and update your wardrobe accordingly. However, you don’t need to limit yourself to these tips and fashionistas only. Put on dresses that boost your confidence and make you feel comfortable. Moreover, keep in mind; you can only rock your outfits if you embrace self-acceptance first.

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