Ten Female-Dominated Careers Men Should Consider

Gone are the days when people were made to believe there are certain job roles for men and separate ones for women, but while this may be true in theory, there are still many jobs dominated by either males or females. So maybe it’s time to redress the balance.

Traditionally, careers requiring any level of caring, compassion, creativity, or finesse have generally been viewed as jobs for women, which means many men won’t even have considered them, even if they felt a calling for professions requiring these skills.

While modern society is far more accepting of men and women choosing a career path that would once have been off-limits to them, age-old gender stereotypes are hard to break, so the myths are perpetuated.

If you are a man considering embarking on a new career, whether you’re fresh out of college or tired of your current job and are wanting to retrain, take a look at these ten careers currently dominated by women and think about whether you have the right personality and skills to do the job.

Some people might question your decision, but you could be seen as one of the groundbreakers who brought balance to the jobs market in years to come.


One of the most gendered professions across the globe is nursing. Statistics show less than 10 percent of the US nursing workforce is made up of male employees.

The number of men choosing a nursing career is on the rise, with some choosing to retrain in this field as their jobs in more male-orientated areas become less secure.

To make a good nurse, you need to have a caring nature and be empathetic. You will also need to be able to think on your feet have great communication and organizational skills.

It’s a tough job that can be emotionally hard at times, so you will need to be resilient.


The teaching profession is very much a female-dominated arena, particularly pronounced when looking at lower grades where men represent less than 3 percent of pre-K and kindergarten teachers and little more than 18 percent of elementary and middle school teachers.

While there are many men out there who could potentially make great educators, it seems most choose not to, as they see it as a profession for women.

If you are passionate about a particular subject or about inspiring young minds to learn, have patience, and are a good communicator, teaching could be worth considering as your career.

Elderly care

Another area made up mostly of female employees is in the senior living health care sector, with only 11 percent of the workforce represented by men.

Job roles in this area include health and personal care, cleaning and maintenance, food service, and business and administration, so there’s great scope for getting more men into this field, no matter what their skillset.

If you are already in a management or senior position where you are but feel the need to make a change, you could consider a career as an RCFE administrator, which involves managing services for older people in assisted living facilities. If you are organized, compassionate, and can manage a team, this could be a great career step for you.

Animal care

The percentage of women in nonfarm animal caretaker job roles is more than 77 percent, so for animal-loving men out there, this could be a great area for you to help balance the numbers.

Job roles in this field cover everything from pet groomers to zookeepers, kennel attendants to animal trainers. Some require specific formal qualifications, while others can be learned through on-the-job training and voluntary certification.

If you can’t wait to return home to your pets after work or if you’ve always loved animals and would like to do a job having a positive effect on their lives, don’t be put off career working with animals just because you’re male.


Secretarial work has long been viewed as “women’s work,” but it was originally a male-dominated role. More women started to enter the profession during the late 1880s with the invention of the typewriter. During the First World War, even more, women took over the role. Over time, it came to be seen as something women were better at, so men largely disappeared from this career choice.

However, times have changed yet again, and men are once more entering the field nowadays though you’re less likely to hear the term “secretary” and more likely to see job titles such as PA, administrator, or clerical worker.


Around three-quarters of flight attendants and travel agents are women, which means men who love to travel might miss out on their dream job because they think it’s not a job they can go for as a man.

Whether you are male or female, if you have good communication and customer service skills, are of smart appearance, confident, and of a calm disposition, you could do well in one of these job roles.


While there are some high-profile males in the industry, hairdressing, hairstyling, and cosmetology jobs are still largely made up of women. A staggering 90% of the workforce is female.

The industry is great for creative types who love to express themselves, and there are decent career progression options, including starting your own business down the line.

There’s nothing stopping men from seeking a career in this field, apart from the stigma they might feel. You shouldn’t let that stop you from choosing a career path you’d enjoy, so shrug it off and do what is right for you.


Another creative field that has been off-limits to men until recently is that of tailors, dressmakers, and seamsters. Men make up less than 70 percent of the workforce here.

If you are a man who is good with his hands, has a flair for creativity and an eye for design, why not consider training in a practical skill such as this?

In a rejection of fast fashion, there is an increasing demand for well-made clothes that last and for repairing items instead of buying new, so this is a field of expertise that will only become more sought after.

Social workers

An area that has seen a decrease in men entering the field is social care.

This hugely important career choice is desperately in need of more men as there are concerns males will become less likely to seek help in social and mental treatment if it is seen as a female-orientated network.

It is also a missed opportunity for men to take a career path that is both secure and fulfilling. Job opportunities are on the rise in this area and helping people in their hour of need can offer huge job satisfaction too.

Nutritionists and dietitians

Despite many men taking a real interest in nutrition nowadays, women make up 93 percent of professional nutritionists and dietitians.

While it seems okay for a man to be a personal trainer or fitness expert, to be a nutrition expert is perceived as less so.

If you are someone who likes to stay fit and insists on a healthy balanced diet, perhaps you could build a new career out of informing others how they can do the same.

To create a fair and balanced society, it’s not just about getting women into male-dominated careers; it’s also about redressing the balance in female-dominated industries too so that everyone, no matter what their gender, feels they can choose the career they are most drawn to.

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