Three Things Worth Spending The Extra On When You’re Vacationing

There’s a big difference between travel and vacationing. Travel is all about seeing as much as you possibly can, and learning more about yourself and the world we live in.

It can be done cheaply and on foot and isn’t always a perfect, comfortable experience (although it’s always an amazing one!). Vacationing, on the other hand, is all about relaxation and indulging- it’s about you.

And even if you usually love to travel and learn new things, there’s nothing wrong with vacationing too, sometimes it’s nice to be pampered and do nothing but indulge yourself. If this is the kind of trip you’re planning, here are some of the places it’s worth spending that bit of extra money to make it memorable. 


Budget spots might get the job done, but consider upgrading to a cozy hotel or resort if you plan on doing a lot of relaxing, or perhaps something like villas for rent in St. Barts if you want an entire place to yourself. Soft beds, friendly service, and maybe even a view that feels like a dream.

A comfortable and welcoming stay sets the tone for a relaxing and memorable journey, and if you want something more than just a place to lay your head then it’s a worthy investment. 


Eating isn’t just about fuel, it can be a real highlight of your time away.  While cheap eats have their charm, consider splurging a bit on some culinary experiences if you have the opportunity.

Local restaurants will give you a taste of authenticity, or maybe something like a beachside BBQ or a fancy rooftop dinner. These food adventures can make up a huge part of your vacation story, so treat your taste buds to something special.


vacation activities

If you’re vacationing then you’re essentially a tourist, and that means doing touristy things. These tend to be breathtaking, fun, and incredible for good reason,  but they can also be expensive. Things like swimming with wild dolphins, going in a helicopter or hot air balloon, or visiting a monument are all things to think about.

Book your tickets ahead of time to avoid disappointment, and don’t be afraid to spend on them. You might have found some amazing free places and spots off the beaten track while you were backpacking and traveling, but this is a trip to do different kinds of things. 

As someone who does a lot of raw and gritty traveling, treating yourself to this kind of trip can feel a bit strange. However, all kinds of travel are worthwhile, and this way you get to treat yourself, relax, and enjoy the calm.

Even if you’re itching to get back out into the world with a backpack for your next adventure, spend this time focusing on yourself and doing things that you perhaps wouldn’t usually do. 

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