11 Things You Should Do So That You Do Not Lose Your Dog

This might not seem like a topic that needs your attention immediately, as you are confident that you will never lose your pet.

Statistics reveal otherwise- one out of three pets go missing at least once in their lifetime. Hence, you need to keep this in mind and find ways to prevent it and methods that will help get back your pet if it, unfortunately, gets lost.

1. Microchip Your Pet:

Microchipping is inserting a chip into the pet’s shoulder with the owner’s information. This is a harmless procedure that is strongly recommended for pet owners. This chip can be scanned in most animal shelters and increases the owners’ chances of reuniting with their dogs.

2. Attach a Name and Contact Tag to Their Collars:

If you always take your dog out with its collar, this is also a great idea. You should add the pet’s name and your contact number on the tag. If the dog gets lost in the neighborhood, they can quickly call you and return your pet.

3. Check the Fence Thoroughly:

If you have a habit of letting your dog play in the backyard by itself, you need to double-check the fenced area every week. Dogs usually dig next to the fence, so ensure that all holes are filled. Also, there should be no object near the fence which the dog can use to jump over the fence. The height of the fence should be such that even if you have a large dog breed, it cannot jump over them.

It is better to keep it completely closed so that the dog cannot look outside on the other side and hence would not be very interested in jumping the fence. You can also set up a wireless fence using Halo Dog Collar if there is no physical fence. This is an effective solution to keep your pets contained, and you can read halo collar reviews for customer feedback on its effectiveness.

4. Always Keep an Eye on the Dog:

Dogs are mischievous. They do not understand the consequences of running away. They just want to have fun and come back to you. No matter how well behaved your dog is, there is always some chance they may escape if they get a chance.

When you let your dog outside in the yard, keep an eye on them. Better not to leave them outside without human supervision. Dogs are like kids who may suddenly find something exciting and want to pursue it out of curiosity. You have to parent them right for their safety.

Dog with guy

5. Get Your Dog Fixed:

This might seem irrelevant, but trust me, it is. A dog who isn’t fixed is anxious to find a partner due to their crazy hormones; hence they tend to escape more to find one. If your dog wants to jump the fence as he smells a lady dog in its heat, he might almost do anything to cross over to the other side.

6. Always Use a Good Leash and Harness:

You must use a high-quality leash for the dog. The leash needs to be stronger if you own a larger dog breed. If your dog pulls a lot, you should do some research to search for the right leash. Usually, if you hook the leash on a collar, there are higher chances of the collar breaking if it is not of good quality. Getting a harness on the dog gives you more control of it, and it is much more secure, too, as harnesses are stronger than collars.

Remember, your dog might be the most well-behaved, but that does not mean you take your dog off leash. Especially if it is a new area, as the dog can get easily distracted to chase a squirrel and get lost. Off-leash the dog only when there is a fence around the area.

7. Teach a Strong Recall:

If the dog escapes its leash by chance, you should be able to call back the dog. Train them to understand recall and make that habit prominent. Keep practicing it so that the recall will make the dog come back if the dog escapes.

8. Teach ‘Stay’ Command When You Open the Main Door:

Another way a dog can easily escape is when you answer the door. Untrained dogs usually bark near the door when you open it for someone. They tend to escape outside when someone enters in. To stop that, train them to stay on the spot every time the doorbell rings so that they are away from the door. Even if they lung towards it, it gives you enough time to react.

9. Be Careful When You Take the Dog Outside if it is Overcrowded:

Dogs usually get more anxious around strangers. When you take your dog for walks, if it is overcrowded, they may start pulling more than usual as they are more anxious.

This is quite common in dogs; hence avoid any overcrowded areas if your dog is walking with you and choose the usual dog walk a path they are familiar with.

10. Introduce Your Dog to Neighbors so that They Recognize It:

No matter how careful you are, sometimes your dog may get away. Mostly they will explore the neighborhood. If your neighbors know the dog, they can immediately get hold of the dog and return it safely to you. Hence introduce your dog to most people in the neighborhood.

11. Be Careful While Opening the Car Door:

Traveling with a dog in the car can be fun, but you have to maintain some security measures. For starters, use a dog seat belt so that the dog cannot leave the car until you unhook it.

The dog may want to leap outside when you open the car door, but this leash will keep the dog inside the vehicle. Make sure to choose a short leash so that the dog is restricted inside the car.

The Bottom Line:

We can never be too careful when it comes to keeping our pets safe. A few simple solutions will ensure your pet lives a safe and happy life with you.

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