5 Tips to Organize Your Closet

Feeling overwhelmed every day? Trying to get ready in the morning is a task you do not look forward to?

Closets are one of the spaces that are most overlooked when it comes to organizing and oddly enough can make the biggest impact on your day.

Use these five tips from our partners at Maids 2 Match Carrollton TX to get your closet organized and start your day on a good foot.

Change your regular hangers out for slim hangers

Struggling to find more room in your closet? Start by switching out your hangers. Thick bulky hangers take up a lot of space. Switch those hangers out for a slimmer design to allow for more hanging room that will be easier to manage.

Switching out your hangers will allow you to move to clothes and see what options are available more easily. This tip will not only give you more room in your closet, but it will also allow you to more easily use the items within your closet.

Fill baskets with easy-to-grab essentials

A guy organizing his closet

Grab a few aesthetically pleasing baskets and put them to good use. You can put your daily items in these baskets for an easy grab in your closet. We all know, that if we can see items we are more likely to use them. Having these baskets will make putting your clothes away easier, which will make you more likely to keep up with this system.

Get your shoes off the floor

Once you have your outfit picked, it is time for shoes. How hard is it to pick shoes when you can’t even see them all? Decide if you want to go with an over-the-door shoe organizer or a shoe rack. This will depend on your available space.

Once you pick your organizer, get those shoes off the floor. While you are doing this you will need to make sure you are only organizing items that you will use. No need to keep those items that are not needed, that is unnecessary clutter.

Keep accessibility in mind

As previously discussed, you are more likely to use items you can see. That also means you need to be able to get to these items. While organizing think about your day, how do you get ready? Do you start with shoes? Maybe you start with your shirt or pants? You will want to keep this in mind while you are organizing your space.

You don’t want to put items out of reach that you are going to need every day, that is a system that is doomed from the start.

Store items vertically to maximize closet space

No matter the size of your closet, you will want to organize it all the way up to the ceiling. Keep the walls in mind while you are setting your organization plan. Shelves make a great place to store your open baskets.

Maybe you have cubbies put in to display your shoes or handbags. No matter what it is you are organizing, be sure to use vertical space to maximize your room.

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