Top 3 Brands To Try For Your Vintage Aesthetic

Want to try something new and add a vintage touch to your overall look? It would be best to look into some of the top brands known for their vintage look. Each of these brands has unique and fashionable pieces to help you achieve the look you want.

So, without further ado, here are the top 3 brands for vintage clothing!

5 Tips to Build Your Vintage Aesthetic Look

Fashion is seasonal and sometimes can be defined by specific signature pieces. When attempting to bring back “looks” from different eras, it’s best to mix standout pieces that still fit in with your overall style. Here are a few tips to help you build your signature vintage aesthetic look:

1. Combine the New and the Old

Mixing old with modern clothing pieces is the most tried-and-true technique to produce a retro style. It’s an easy method to produce a vintage aesthetic that will emphasize your individuality and give you that unique look that everyone loves.

Begin by combining clothing from the 1980s or 1990s with modern-style accessories.

A good example would be to add a vintage-style belt to your cool and edgy jeans. You could also try a windbreaker in the style of the 1990s with a classic, plain white simple shirt and your favorite pair of jeans. Be creative, and don’t be afraid to experiment with various vintage-style pieces!

2. Make Your Aesthetic Vintage Style Renew Your Personality

Consider what you enjoy, your hobbies, favorite places, and musical taste. For example, say you’re a band fan from a group from the 90s, you could opt to throw in a shirt with the band name.

You can also wear a long sleeve t-shirt underneath, some thick boots, and maybe an oversize sweater for a signature look! Whatever you choose to wear, make sure it is true to your style.

3. Not Everything Will Be Your Style

The point of wearing or revamping vintage looks is to reinvent them in a way that is true to your fashion sense. To pull off an authentic vintage look, the trick is to gain inspiration from vintage pieces but style them in a stylish, modern way.

Websites like Teddy Sinclair are a good place to find your footing on what works for you. Also, make sure to style something that flatters your build.

4. Don’t Over Style Your Hair

Consider styling your hair differently to embrace the true feel of the fashion era you’re going for. Bring out the true Danny from Grease by making your hair sleek with some hair spray to curate the perfect vintage hair look.

Research what hairstyles and accessories were popular in the period you’re embracing. You can also incorporate quick, simple, stunning vintage aesthetic hair accessories.

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Top 3 Brands To Shop For A Signature Vintage Aesthetic

To assist you in creating the polished, throwback look of your dreams, we’ve gathered our favorite stores that’ll take you back a few years. They’ll give you a feeling like traveling through a time machine, allowing you to recreate your favorite looks from the fashion-forward years that shaped today’s fashion world!

Here are some of the top places to visit for the perfect vintage aesthetic:

1. Perfume and Fragrances: Isabey Paris

A sensual fragrance contained in an Art Deco-inspired bottle is first and foremost. Isabey Paris was founded in 1924, so it’s no wonder that the Lys Noir Eau de Parfum’s aroma and appearance capture the essence of the Roaring ’20s.

If you’re looking for a signature musky scent, this is for you! Tap into your inner Jay Gatsby in a modern Great Gatsby remake.

2. Clothes: Hardaddy

Get your edgy vintage look with their signature 90s aesthetics to recreate the memorable olden day looks. Hardaddy offers retro pieces you can style to your liking with brilliant old-school, edgy jackets.

Generally, their boutique includes a collection of the trendiest belts from the past, signature banana jeans, a loose summer shirt with a metallic chain belt, and printed shirts.

3. Outfits: Thrifted

Thrifted has an impressive collection of elegant pieces, providing you with the trendiest of the olden day looks at reasonable prices. You can build the perfect vintage look with their gorgeous pieces that’ll make you stand out wherever you go!


As the popularity of vintage aesthetics grows, many brands focusing solely on this style emerge. While choosing a well-known brand to ensure high quality and longevity may be tempting, it is sometimes worthwhile to branch out and try a lesser-known company.

Hopefully, you enjoy our pick of vintage fashion brands that offer unique styles and remarkable pieces! Try one (or more!) of them out!

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