Top 5 Men’s Shirt Styles for Winter

As winter’s cool temperatures descend, the best options for men’s apparel are soft, comfortable, and easy to layer. Find flawless shirt styles for the season with these easy suggestions.

From cozy sweaters to classic polos, there’s something suited to any kind of event. You’ll find that these shirts will carry you stylishly through the holidays and on to the stark months of January with flawless fashion.

1. Colorful Cable Knit Sweaters

Cable knit sweaters provide the perfect touch of texture for your winter wear. The distinctive stripes of this knit make it a beloved option for cheerful holiday events. Traditionally found in neutrals like beige and gray, this sweater is taking on a brighter look for the 2021 men’s winter fashion. Add ample color to your outfit with these versatile sweaters that go with jeans, khakis, and chinos flawlessly.

2. Go-Everywhere Plaid Flannel Shirts

A guy wearing Flannel Shirt

Plaid flannel shirts are always in style, and 2021 is no exception. A plaid flannel can go with your casual work wear when buttoned up neatly. For laid-back activities, wear the flannel open over a soft T-shirt.

Roll up the sleeves when the roaring fireplace starts to warm up the party or keep them down for ample coverage when you’re out and about in the chilly weather. The classic red and black plaid is a great go-to, but you can get these plaids in nearly any color, including bright yellow, rich purple, or striking black and white.

3. Turtleneck Sweatshirts

Plush sweatshirts are getting even cozier this season with warm turtleneck styles. This is the ideal fit for a casual weekend or work-at-home wear. The warmth and comfort of a turtleneck sweatshirt combine the best of all worlds.

You can find this style with close-fitting necklines or wider cowl-like turtlenecks. With this piece, you can steer clear of the potential itchiness of a knit turtleneck and replace it with the soft cotton of a sweatshirt as you snuggle down for your winter activities.

4. Soft Knit Polos

One of the most distinctive pieces of the season, the knit polo takes a timeless classic and imbues it with extra texture and interest. Knit polos are slightly heavier than traditional polos but impressively soft. You can find them in smooth knits, cable knits, and other textured styles. A wideband at the hem and sleeve cuff is typical. This look is an ideal option for business casual or laid-back holiday events.

5. Chunky Patterned Sweaters

Geometric patterns are making a bold statement this season. These sweaters have a distinctive ’70s appeal. Look for giant diamonds, wild stripes, and quilt-like blocks with different patterns. You’ll need to take a fearless approach to fashion to master this showy look, but you’ll surely stay on-trend if you do.

Update your wardrobe for winter 2021 with a well-rounded selection of these shirt styles. From plush sweatshirts for days at home to bright party-ready sweaters, this list gives you a little of everything so you can build a fashion-forward wardrobe that’s ready to take you anywhere.

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