Top Rated AI Games Worth Trying Out

Each year a flood of new games becomes available and 2020 has been a phenomenal year for the gaming sector with the industry estimated to be worth $159.3 billion according to a media release by WePC, indicating that the industry could be worth $200 billion by next year.

With the constant flood of new game releases, it becomes hard to choose! Online entertainment has grown and evolved steadily over the past decade, with many titles sporting the latest AI technology. The AI that plays the video game is not created solely for that purpose, it has other applications. The gaming environment provides opportunities for different types of processes that can be tested and tried, a statement by Mind It Systems reflected on the versatility of AI in video games.

The Top AI Games

The judging criteria are based on the actual AI processes that play the video game like a human would, bearing this in mind, these are the top AI games according to Mind It Systems.

The Last of Us

Ellie is singled out here as not only being the key to humanity’s survival but also possessing excellent AI. The Last of Us Part 2 has recently made waves as the most awarded video game in history, boasting an impressive 261 awards. It even managed to dethrone CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt who occupied the top for the last five years according to Screenrant.

The Last of Us has introduced players to the post-apocalyptic United States. Playing as Joel the main objective is the safe escort of Ellie to her destination.


The AI in this first-person shooter will have players continuously change tactics. Thanks to the AI the enemies would never act in the same way and would never repeat the same mistakes. IGN rated it a 9.1/10, commenting that the game is genuinely scary.

This intense and atmospheric first-person shooter has players assume the role of F.E.A.R’s Point Man who must uncover the secrets behind a paranormal menace.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist

The guard AI ensures that in-game guards react to the smallest of visual and audio cues. PC Mag rated the game 3.5/5 noting the addition of a competitive multiplayer Spies vs. Mercs mode as well as increased gameplay variety in the single-player mode.

The game takes place two years after Splinter Cell Conviction. After a terrorist attack, Fourth Echelon is formed and Sam Fisher is appointed as the leader to stop future attacks.

Halo Reach

Reach stands out from the rest of the series thanks to its AI and in particular, the Elites. Touted as some of the smartest and most aggressive enemies one would ever encounter in a video game. PC Gamer rated this game at 76/100, noting in particular how intelligent in-game enemies behaved.

Reach takes place in the future, the year 2552, and follows Noble Team, a six-man commando unit.

XCOM Enemy Unknown

This game utilizes AI in a truly unique way. The AI was developed to be distinctive and entertaining. This was achieved by means of a utility-based system. XCOM is known for its limited system of movement and requires the AI to consider multiple options each turn. It would consider the distance to the closest objective, proximity to other NPCs, and even the number and behavior of enemy units. The Guardian rated this game 5 stars and noted that the developers made the interface feel intuitive.

This top-down, turn-based ground combat game will have the player control a squad of human or robotic units. Enemy placement is generated at random on the map and soldiers can carry items.

As a growing resource for video games, AI continues to be used to add depth to games and bring them to life. According to Mind It Systems video games are now being trained to study their own patterns and improve their algorithms. This is one of the many ways AI has advanced. As artificial intelligence continues to develop the contribution it would have to the gaming experience would, as evidenced by the games listed above, have a profound effect.

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