Top 5 Tips For Dating Someone Who Loves Diamonds

Whatever your intention is for buying your significant other a beautiful diamond ring, whether it’s for a proposal, a promise ring, an anniversary, or a birthday gift, diamond rings are unquestionably effective in making her heart flutter.

If you’re dating someone fascinated with diamonds, you need to learn how to select the best ring for her. After all, it’s not every day that you gift her with such a precious and luxurious piece of jewelry.

Fortunately, there are many tips for determining your partner’s ring preferences and expectations. It’s just a matter of researching well, weighing your options, and learning more about Diamonds. Whatever the occasion is, it pays to plan early on, so it’ll be relatively easier to look for the best diamond jewelry to give her.

Apply these tips to make quite an impression on your special someone who adores diamonds:

1. Learn More About Diamonds

Before anything else, it’s essential to understand that learning everything you can about diamonds can give you the best advantage. Knowing the subtle differences in a diamond shape, carat weight, and cut quality is the first step to rounding up the perfect engagement rings options.

A diamond’s outline is determined by its shape. You may notice different diamond shapes ranging from round, pear, square, oval, marquise, heart, and rectangular. The woman in your life may have her favorite diamond shape, so try to determine which one it is.

The cutting style describes how facets are arranged on a diamond. Popular cuts include emerald, cushion, and radiant. Diamond facets interact with light according to the cut quality. This somehow influences the way they sparkle or how they look overall.

Also, the cut affects the price. Other determinants for price include polish, size, symmetry, and the kind of diamond used. Knowing all about diamonds will make it easier for you to find the best ring for the girl you’re dating, especially when you want to take your relationship to the next level.

2. Check Her Internet Searches

There are numerous resources about diamonds, and it pays to do your research online. Your girlfriend or would-be bride might be doing her own search online. Try to spy on her searches, and you might be able to determine the type of diamond she likes.

Alternatively, you may find clues about her style in her other posts and images. You can also check her search history on websites or e-commerce sites that sell diamond rings. One effective way to do this is to follow the accounts she’d been following or commenting on.

Diamond shopping

3. Observe Her Jewelry

There are many reasons why you should gift jewelry to your special someone. It may be to show her your ardent affection or give her a precious keepsake that’ll always remind her of you.

To know her preferences, try to observe the jewelry she wears daily and on special occasions. It’ll give you an idea of the type of metal she prefers and what cuts of a diamond are the best fit for her fingers.

You can also observe if she loves other gemstones combined with diamonds. By being observant about what jewelry she uses, you can gain more insight into her preferences.

You may also nonchalantly visit a jewelry store together and ask her for her preferences in buying a necklace or earrings. Observe which pieces she’s more attracted to. This will give you more clues on what diamond ring she’ll appreciate the most.

4. Ask Advice From Others

Another way to know more about your partner’s diamond preferences is to ask her closest friend or sister. They’ll likely provide excellent advice on what diamond ring to get. Women love to talk about jewelry and diamond rings. Your significant other may have expressed to them her preferences or wishes for a ring.

You can also mention your purpose for buying a ring, and they’ll be glad to assist you with your diamond ring shopping. However, make sure they don’t spill the tea on your beloved half.

While you may consider all their advice, make the final decision, so your partner will feel that you’ve spared no effort (or expense) to make her truly happy.

5. Discover What She Wants

There’s nothing better than hearing what your other half really wants for a diamond gift. One way to discover her actual preference is to talk about this topic casually. Try to ease into the matter and learn what type of diamond she prefers.

Share your ideas, too, so she won’t feel that you’re spying on her. Make her feel that it’s no big deal, and you just want to hear her opinion.

On the other hand, if you’re not planning to make the diamond gift a surprise, you can simply ask her about her preferences. After all, she’ll be the one to wear it, so it’s practical that you buy something she’d love to wear.


The time has come for the new reality of diamonds. In addition to the tips listed above, this is something to consider when deciding what to give your significant other who loves diamond rings.

No matter the purpose or occasion, a diamond ring will make your beloved someone feel special and loved. Determine her preferences and style, and buy the best one for your most special woman.

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