Top 15 Mother’s Day Gifts Under $50

Mother’s Day is coming up. It’s the time of the year to honor the efforts of the women who constantly pour their love and care for their kids no matter what the cost.

Showing appreciation to your mother, wife, or partner doesn’t have to break the bank this Mother’s Day. A lot of love paired with a thoughtful gift is perfect for expressing your gratitude.

To give you some gift ideas that are affordable yet sweet, here are the top 15 Mother’s Day gifts under USD$50.

1. Rose Bouquet

A classic rose bouquet never fails to make a mother smile. You can customize the perfect mother’s day rose arrangement for your life’s wonder woman. Include a sweet handwritten letter for an additional personal touch that will surely bring her into joyful tears.

2. Travel Mug

A travel mug is a thoughtful gift for moms who are always on the go. It can serve as a simple reminder to take care of her health despite the busy schedule. You can find good-quality travel mugs for under USD$30!

3. Skincare Set

Moms need time to take care of their overall health and beauty. A skincare set is a practical gift for mothers of different ages. To be safe, choose hypoallergenic products suitable for all skin types. A good set must contain a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer – the essentials in every woman’s skincare routine.

4. Cookbook

A cookbook is a perfect gift if she loves to cook or is just starting her cooking journey. Just a tip, pay attention to the current dishes she’s cooking to know the cuisine she’s exploring at the moment. This will be your guide to which type of cookbook would excite and motivate her.

5. Lipstick

Lipstick can be a perfect mom gift for daughter and adds a pop of color to every woman’s lip and life. Getting her favorite shade or a gorgeous day-to-night set is perfect for reminding her how beautiful she is. You can find reliable, high-quality, affordable makeup brands for as low as USD$25.

Fuzzy Slippers

6. Fuzzy Slippers

A pair of warm fuzzy slippers is the best gift for career moms in heels all day. They’re comfy to wear while relaxing with a cup of tea beside the fireplace. You can make her feel like she’s stepping on clouds for under USD$25.

7. Silk Sleep Mask

If there’s one thing all moms want, it’s a night of good uninterrupted sleep. To make her sleep feel comfy and luxurious, give her a silk sleep mask. Since it’s made from silk, it does not irritate the skin even after long hours of use. Plus, they’re available for as low as USD$10.

8. Wearable Blanket

A wearable blanket is another comfy gift choice for moms. Giving her a warm and fuzzy blanket is one way to keep them feeling loved and protected. It’s also essential for work-at-home moms who need some snuggles.

9. Tote Bag

Tote bags are both stylish and practical. It’s a gift suitable for moms who need a handy yet elegant bag to carry all the essentials when going out. You can find classy PU leather tote bags for as low as USD$30.

10. Hair Dryer Brush

You can never go wrong with an affordable multifunctional gift. A hairdryer brush is perfect for moms who love an effortless yet gorgeous hairstyle. There’s no need for a separate hair blower and flat iron. It’s a two-in-one hairdryer and styler you can grab for her for under USD$40!

11. Lip Care Set

A lip care set is another practical yet sweet gift for moms. It’s a delightsome treat to symbolize how much you value the words coming from her lips. A lip care set commonly contains a lip scrub and balm to keep her lips feel soft and moisturized all day.

12. Mini Fridge

Whether she needs to keep her skincare products cool or simply needs snacks and drinks she can quickly grab, a mini-fridge is a brilliant choice. There are good quality mini-fridges around USD$40 that she will surely fall in love with.

13. Diffuser And Essential Oils Set

This gift set can help her transform her space to smell and feel like a spa. The aroma of essential oils may help her feel relaxed after a long busy day. It’s a nice little way to have her remember you every time she turns on the diffuser with her favorite scent.

14. Journal

Every mother has a story to tell. If she’s the type who loves to write and take note of her daily mom’s journey, a journal would be a fantastic gift. Depending on the materials and design, you can find good ones for between USD$10-USD$40.

15. Birthstone Pendant Necklace

A birthstone necklace is one way to show you always remember her special day. This is an elegant gift that doesn’t need to hurt your wallet. They are available for as low as USD$30, depending on the design and materials used.


These affordable gift ideas prove that meaningful gifts don’t have to be expensive. Being there to show how much you honor mothers in your life, be it your mom, wife, partner, mother-in-law, or grandmother, is enough to make them feel like every day is Mother’s Day.


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