We Discuss The Ideal Location To Start an LLC

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American Samoa is the ideal location to start an LLC in today’s fast-paced, interconnected world. In business terms, LLC is an acronym that stands for “limited liability company”. A limited liability company exists to limit the liability of company owners in the event of a business slowdown or failure. With an LLC, creditors cannot come after your personal assets to satisfy debts incurred by the LLC. There are so many benefits from making an LLC in American Samoa, we wholeheartedly believe that it is the best state to form LLC entities in America today.

About American Samoa

The Samoan Islands are around 2,500 miles southwest of Hawaii. The first island of American Samoa to become a territory of the United States was Tutuila, in the year 1900. One of the benefits you get when you start an LLC in American Samoa is that you are not required to file state taxes. In official terms, American Samoa is not legally a state, the way California or Nevada are, but a territory; other territories with similar statuses are Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. American Samoa has its own, independent tax authority, separate from the Internal Revenue Service.

Residents of American Samoa are considered U.S. nationals, but they do not qualify for citizenship; this is the only territory whose people do not qualify for birthright citizenship. This arrangement was established at the request of the local government of American Samoa. They felt that bestowing U.S. citizenship upon people born in American Samoa would threaten their local culture, and endanger their historic method of transferring local real estate ownership via tribal titles and ancestry. Local laws also limit property ownership to those of a minimum of 50% Samoan ancestry; the U.S. Constitution would require those laws to be abolished.

In 2019, a Utah court ruled that those born in American Samoa should be given U.S. citizenship; however, this ruling was overturned by the 10th Circuit in 2021.


No Taxation Without Representation

Another benefit is that, since American Samoa only has non-voting representation in Congress, income earned in American Samoa can be excluded from federal tax filings. “No taxation without representation” is still a legal principle in America today. You can take advantage of this longstanding American legal tradition by making an LLC in American Samoa.

Protection from Frivolous Lawsuits

Another excellent reason to start an LLC in American Samoa is the protections afforded to LLC members by its physical location. American Samoa is several hours’ flight from Hawaii, which is itself already a 5-6 hour flight from Southern California. Suing an LLC based in American Samoa will require the other party’s attorneys to make a court appearance in front of a judge in a court on American Samoan soil. The airfare alone will cost thousands of dollars, on top of court fees. This ensures that unscrupulous lawyers who make a living filing frivolous lawsuits on behalf of clients suing in bad faith will think twice before suing your American Samoa LLC.

Don’t Hesitate on Making an LLC in American Samoa

American Samoa is the best state to form LLCs in America today. Enjoy personal privacy, state tax exemption, federal tax exemption, and a naturally built-in defense against lawfare by American Samoa’s remote location in the Pacific Ocean. You can start an LLC in American Samoa today, from your phone, tablet, or PC. It’s easy! Just go to to file your documentation and create your American Samoa LLC today.

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