What Are the Best Muay Thai Gloves For Wrist Support?

In a sense, this is a trick question as Muay Thai gloves by nature have less wrist support (compared to boxing gloves) due to the need for greater flexibility.

This is because Muay Thai techniques such as clinching and grabbing require a wider range of motion which necessitates greater wrist flexibility and therefore less rigidity and support.

In reality, Muay Thai athletes rely on wrist wraps for wrist support, as well as gloves made from high-quality materials to ensure maximum protection.

How to Maximize Protection During Muay Thai Training

There are a few things you can do to maximize wrist protection during Muay Thai training while still maintaining needed flexibility.

First, you’ll want to make use of hand wraps to help provide wrist support without sacrificing flexibility. Be sure that your wrist wraps are snug, but not too tight. Too tight of a wrap will cause discomfort and won’t provide the necessary flexibility for Muay Thai techniques; however, too loose of a wrap won’t offer adequate wrist support. A quick internet search will steer you in the right direction of learning how to use hand wraps for Muay Thai.

Second, you want to invest in high-quality gloves that are made from durable, yet flexible materials. Quality padding construction will be the most effective way to maximize protection in a Muay Thai glove.

In addition, high-quality or full-grain leather provides durable (and beautiful) glove construction. Other factors such as thread choice and thread construction (such as CORBETTI’s high quality, leather Muay Thai gloves featuring Kevlar® threading) will help maintain the integrity and protection of your gloves through the intensity of training.

Lastly, with most Muay Thai gloves offering Velcro cuffs and closures, you’ll be able to adjust the compression and fit of the glove, which gives you some additional control over wrist support. It’s recommended to try different levels of cuff tightness to find which provides the best combination of protection, comfort, and flexibility.

What Are the Best Brands for Muay Thai Gloves?

When searching for the best Muay Thai gloves, you’ll want to look at brands that specialize in quality materials and construction. Fairtex, Venum, Yokkao, and the newest player – CORBETTI’s prestigious high-end gloves, are common choices for Muay Thai gloves and well-reviewed among athletes.

Difference Between Muay Thai Gloves and Boxing Gloves

Muay Thai

The main difference between Muay Thai gloves and boxing gloves is the padding construction. Boxing gloves are designed more for knuckle and wrist protection than for flexibility.

Muay Thai gloves, on the other hand, provide more flexibility and less padding to allow for improved grip and maneuverability, as well as more distributed padding across the back of the glove for protection in blocking kicks (which is not as frequently required of the athlete in boxing).

How to Choose the Best Muay Thai Gloves

When selecting the best Muay Thai gloves, there are a few important factors including glove weight, quality materials, and style.


First, you’ll want to select the correct weight of the glove, which is primarily based on your body weight. Most Muay Thai athletes have multiple weights for different training scenarios. However, as a beginner, you could consider starting with a 12 or 14-oz glove.

Quality of Construction and Materials

You’ll also want to focus on the quality of construction and materials used. Look for gloves that are made out of genuine leather, as they provide better durability. Avoid buying cheap Muay Thai gloves, as these can easily tear apart after a few uses.


Lastly, you’ll want to consider the style of the gloves by your own preferences. You’ll be wearing your gloves for all training and competition scenarios, so it’s important to choose a pair that will support your confidence.

In conclusion, there are many great Muay Thai glove brands out there to choose from such as Venum, Twins, CORBETTI, and Fairtex. Remember that in Muay Thai, the majority of wrist support comes from wrist wraps, not the glove itself. When choosing gloves, be sure to choose the correct size based on your body weight, choose quality materials, and honor your sense of style. With these factors in mind, you can find a pair of gloves that will help take your training to the next level!

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