What Gear Do I Need for Offshore Fishing?

Fishing is one of the oldest things known to humans. The great thing about fishing is that you can do it on the river bank and in the middle of the ocean. However, there are some differences in both types of fishing.

If you are trying offshore saltwater fishing for the first time, there are some important things to know. Your fishing trip starts before you even get to the water because preparing for the trip is as important as trying to reel in a delicious catch.

The right fishing gear will make your offshore fishing trip an experience to remember. It will ensure you have a great time out in the water catching fish, preventing hazards, and ensuring your safety.

You do not want to make a trip only to head back disheartened because you brought the wrong gear. So, continue reading to find out what gear you need for offshore fishing. Let’s briefly consider the different essentials you will need for offshore fishing before we get into the specific fishing gear for offshore fishing.

Safety Gear

You never know when a good day takes an unexpected turn for the bad, so it is important to stay prepared for unforeseen circumstances and emergencies. Most of these items are essential safety gear for inshore fishing and offshore fishing because mishaps can take place anywhere.

You must carry the following items on your fishing boat or kayak:

1. First Aid Kit

Some countries have laws requiring you to have a first aid kit on board before taking your boat out into the water for fishing. According to Canada’s Justice Law website, you are regulated to carry all essential first aid items on your boat for pleasure activities like fishing. If you are unsure of what you need in a first aid kit, you can learn more about it here.

2. Life Jackets and Flotation Devices

These are a must-have for all water-related adventures, including offshore fishing. In case you meet an accident while fishing offshore, a life jacket and flotation device will prevent you from drowning.

3. Sound or Visual Signaling Devices

Having a flotation device is not enough because even though it will keep you from drowning, you can still get stranded in the middle of nowhere. Therefore, you must carry a signaling device that will alert other boaters, fishers, or the coast guard to come to your rescue.

4. Fire Extinguisher

Boat fires are not uncommon because most motor and fishing boats use fuel to function. Having a fire extinguisher can save your life and maybe even your boat in case of a fire.

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Electronics and Navigation Gear

We doubt there is anyone who willingly signs up to get lost at sea. If you want to get back safely and in time from your offshore fishing trip, we recommend you keep all the essential electronic devices that will help you navigate the waters.

1. GPS Tracker

This is a multipurpose device that helps you navigate your way and detects wrecks and reefs, helping you locate the best places to fish. Having a GPS will guarantee that you don’t get lost in the waters and catch plenty of fish.

2. Radar

This is another device that you can have on board. It helps you avoid water hazards by detecting weather changes, monitoring any incoming storms, as well as other vessels.

3. Waterproof Speakers

These may not be a necessity but having your favorite music playing while you catch fish is sure to show you a good time.

Fishing Tools and Gear

The best type of fishing gear may vary depending on what kinds of waters you plan on fishing in. However, some basic fishing tools are essential for offshore saltwater fishing.

1. Saltwater Pliers and Scissors

These are important tools used for cutting wires and tightening the knots to create rigs. You will also need pliers and scissors to remove the hooks after successfully reeling in a fish. It is important to get saltwater cutting tools to avoid rusting and damage.

2. Saltwater Gaffs and Nets

Once the fish has taken the bait, and on your hook, these tools will help you catch it. They are also excellent for practicing catch and release fishing.

3. A Saltwater Hook Remover

You want to make your fishing experience as easy and painless as you can for the fish you catch. This tool will help you remove the hook quickly and safely.

4. Saltwater Fishing Knives

These rust-proof knives will help you cut the bait, as well as clean your catch.

Fishing Rods and Reels

These are perhaps the most important items that you need to choose carefully for offshore fishing. Offshore saltwater fishing is usually characterized by trophy catch or larger fish, and for this, it is critical to use the right kind of gear, such as the correct rods and reels.

According to experts, the golden trick is to match the reel to the weight of the rod. When buying a fishing rod for offshore fishing, make sure to match the lure weight to the size of your bait.

Longer rods will help you cast farther distances, but shorter ones have more strength or power, helping you land bigger fish easily. Shorter rods usually have a slow-speed reel, which is better for fighting the fish on your hook.

On the other hand, longer rods have high-speed reels that are great for fast baits. You can also ask your local shop attendants to help you find the right rods and reels for saltwater fishing.

Have a Productive and Safe Fishing Adventure!

If you are still unclear about what is the best gear for your specific fishing needs, read on Stuck Fishing about the best fishing gear and accessories for offshore fishing. Now that you have everything you need for the perfect offshore fishing adventure, you can make your days more exciting, productive, and filled with delicious salty salmon dinners!

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