What Is Considered An Orthodontic Emergency?

Although orthodontic problems rarely constitute emergencies, they occasionally necessitate immediate attention.

Do not hesitate to dial 911 or rush to the nearest hospital for a medical emergency. In contrast, you should contact your orthodontist’s office if your braces or orthodontic appliance gives you pain or discomfort or if something breaks or comes off when it should not.

Confused about “What Is Considered an Orthodontic Emergency?” An orthodontic emergency is any situation that requires attention but cannot wait until the next appointment. The following are a few scenarios and advice on what to do if you ever find yourself in one of them.

  • Dislodged Or Displaced Tooth

man suffering from tooth ache

If you have braces and get smacked in the face, you won’t lose a tooth because of the braces. A strong enough force might dislodge the tooth from its socket and kink the wire. The best chance of salvaging a tooth knocked out is if a dentist sees the patient within two hours of the incident. If you need dental care and cannot reach a dentist, go to the emergency department. Rinse the teeth with water and store it in a cup of your saliva or saline if it comes out.

  • Pain From Food Stuck In Braces

Something can get lodged between your band and your teeth or gums, producing pain. Brushing, flossing, and using a toothpick will not remove it, so see an orthodontist if it persists. When the pain is not too severe, a few days to a week is usually fine.

  • A Protruding Wire Is Causing Discomfort

You can avoid this by checking for any wires that feel lengthy in your mouth before leaving the doctor’s office after each appointment. However, there are times when a wire moves after your visit for various reasons.

You can put off seeing a doctor until your scheduled appointment if you are not experiencing pain. One quick fix is to cover the offending source with a piece of Mack’s Pillow Soft Silicone Putty Earplug. You can get earplugs like this at any Walmart.

If the irritant persists after these measures, you should schedule an appointment with your orthodontist. If you call the orthodontist about a persistent annoyance, you will likely be seen the same day (or the next day if you phone after hours).

How To Prevent Dental Emergencies

It is preferable to avoid orthodontic emergencies wherever feasible. Here are some strategies to assist you:

  • Follow All Dietary Advice

Most orthodontic emergencies are caused by eating items that are forbidden while wearing braces. Your orthodontist will provide you with a general list of things to avoid, and adhering to these guidelines will prevent damage to your braces and unneeded suffering. In general, avoid hard, sticky, and overly chewy foods.

  • Follow Dental And Orthodontic Care Guidelines

Your orthodontist will provide detailed instructions on brushing and flossing your teeth while wearing braces. Follow these maintenance instructions to protect your braces and teeth. Remember to continue seeing your normal dentist at least every six months for cleanings while wearing your braces.

  • When Playing Sports, A Mouth Guard Should Be Worn

You should use a mouth guard and participate in a contact sport if you have braces. This will prevent your mouth from being harmed by your braces if you collide with another player. It will also avoid damage to your orthodontic appliances.


Minor issues might occasionally arise and be dealt with; nevertheless, if you find yourself in a real orthodontic emergency, your orthodontist will need to know as quickly as possible so they can fix the problem in a timely manner.

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