What Looks Good In A Man Cave?

A man cave can mean different things for a man. For some, it’s where they go to lay back and enjoy some personal time after a hectic workday. For others, a man cave is where they can showcase their stuff, such as trophies, action figures, miniature car models, and gaming consoles.

So, to answer the question, what looks good in a man cave depends on what purpose you want it to serve. Even so, there are specific items that always look good in a man cave. This article suggests some excellent ideas for your man cave so that you can set it up the way you want it.

Deciding Where the Man Cave Should Be

You can pick the best gear for your man cave and still be unsatisfied because you chose an unfit location. Before you design and decorate your man cave, you need to pick a room in your home that you want to call your own. This may seem like a simple task, but it can be quite daunting once you think about it.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Location for Your Man Cave

Location does more than simply set the tone for your aesthetic. In fact, there are some crucial factors that must be carefully considered.

Man cave


Men usually like to fill their man cave with plenty of stuff, so make sure that the room you choose is spacious and open. Plus, it should be big enough that your friends can stay comfortable during game nights.


The whole purpose of a man cave is to get a few hours away from your busy lifestyle to relax. Hence, having a quiet room that blocks out outside noise is a must. Moreover, guys can get very loud when watching soccer or playing poker. It would be best if you invest in soundproofing your man cave so that you can have loud game nights without disturbing your family.


This goes without saying. After all, your man cave has to be a place where you can find solace and unwind. Therefore, a peaceful environment is a must.

Considering these factors, the ideal location for a man cave would be the basement or the garage. You can also utilize a room that is not in use or build a shed in the backyard that could serve as your ultimate man cave.

What To Put in Your Man Cave

After deciding on where to set up your man cave, you can go ahead and plan what you’ll put in there. You’ll have pretty limited space, so it’s important that you make sure everything has its own place.

1. A comfortable couch

It’s almost impossible to call a man cave complete without a giant, comfy couch. No matter what your theme is, a leather couch will never look out of place. Personally, we prefer shades of mahogany and brown, especially for a Godfather-themed man cave.

The goal is to keep it simple and masculine without compromising on comfort. As you can imagine, having plenty of seating means you can invite the guys over for a chill night in.

Besides comfort, another important thing to consider is sturdiness. We know for a fact that most guys don’t like to use coasters and mats, so get furniture that is sleek and manly but also sturdy and tough.

2. Good mood lighting

Lighting is perhaps the most crucial part of any aesthetic because it can make or break the vibe you want to go for. It is an understatement to say that you don’t want bright lights in your man cave. One can hardly relax and unwind when the room is brightly illuminated.

A dim golden and yellow lighting always looks good in a man cave. However, you don’t have to stick to these hues. You can pick any warm light colors that go best with your vibe. Make sure the lights you choose are flattering for your furniture. A great way to light your man cave is to have hidden ceiling lights that cast dim shadows over the room. We also recommend getting sleek lamps.

Lamps can act as a decor item as well, serving two purposes. However, don’t buy easily breakable lamps, considering how game night and guy hangouts can quickly go wild. Industrial-style lamps are a perfect pick for lighting man caves.

3. A minibar

What even is a man cave without a bar? Having a corner dedicated to your favorite spirits will naturally draw you towards your man cave. It is also very convenient to have a bar or a mini-fridge so that you don’t have to go out whenever you need a chilled drink.

Is it Manly to Decorate?

Yes, it is! Your man cave can be a place to feel good while being surrounded by the things you love. You can decorate it according to your favorite themes, like football, your favorite bands, and even your favorite movies or eras.

You can hang posters and picture frames or hire a mural artist to paint you a custom piece. A great way to decorate your man cave is to have floating shelves or showcases that display your favorite personal items.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what looks good in a man cave, you can go ahead and redecorate your personal space using these ideas. Having some rules for your man cave can also improve your overall experience, so don’t forget to set ground rules. Lastly, every man is different, so go with your gut instinct when picking out gear for your man cave.

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