What Guys Should Wear To Summer Weddings (Look Stunning)

Dressing for weddings can seem intimidating, but selecting a wedding wardrobe is a relatively simple task for men. Once you understand the basic guidelines, you can quickly put together a stunning suit that’s right for the occasion.


Formal wedding attire can include white-tie or black-tie dress codes. If you’re participating in a white-tie wedding, you’ll find that it’s a highly formal event that requires a tuxedo with tails. Even white gloves are appropriate. Black-tie attire indicates a tuxedo without tails. It’s far more likely that you’ll encounter less specific formal or black-tie-optional attire. In this case, you should wear a dark suit. Choose lightweight fabric for summer, but stick to black or navy with a coordinating dark tie.


Semiformal or Dressy casual wedding attire is less specific, giving you more flexibility. Deciding what to wear to a summer wedding for men takes some thought. For summer, a light-colored suit is ideal. Consider a pale blue, light gray, white, or tan suit. If possible, choose one that’s unlined for comfort and breathability. Linen and seersucker suits are ideal, especially if you’re traveling to a destination wedding. These materials are easy to pack and don’t need to be perfectly pressed.

Add a pop of color with your dress shirt and tie, but stick to simple solids for semiformal events. You might pair a gray suit with a light blue shirt and a sunny yellow tie. Light-colored shoes go well with this type of outfit, particularly if you will attend an outdoor wedding. For a wedding in the city, you might stick to more traditional colors such as gray or blue suits with black shoes.


Button down shirts

You can ditch the suit jacket for a casual wedding and go with dress pants and a button-down shirt. For an outdoor event, you can select a polo shirt. Bright colors are trending in a big way for 2021. Consider adding some bold interest to your summer wedding attire with dress pants in mint green, butter yellow, or pale pink. You might also pair a more muted tone on the bottom with a head-turning shirt in rose pink or warm tangerine.

You can add some fun, colorful accessories to this type of wedding attire, such as a patterned tie or distinctive pocket square. Sleek sunglasses are a must for outdoor events, and you may want to add a hat, such as a jaunty fedora.


Unless formal attire is specified, beach weddings are usually on the more casual side. Linen or cotton suits are preferred because you don’t want anything heavy when dealing with the sun and sand. If the attire is formal, stick with a solid-colored suit and shirt but opt for light colors such as gray or pale blue. For a semiformal beach wedding, try a white suit with a floral or patterned shirt. Casual beach weddings call for dress pants and a button-down shirt, perhaps with a few open buttons at the top.

As you’re shopping for summer wedding attire, keep versatility in mind and select comfortable, well-tailored pieces that will come out again for date night, business meetings, and other occasions.

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