Why Are Some Men Uncomfortable With Dating A Trans-Woman?

There are many concepts that many individuals don’t understand, especially when it comes to sexual orientations and gender identities. As a man, if you’ve at some point met a trans woman, and you get to fall in love and later on, find out she’s a trans woman and you because of that breakup, that’s partly because you chose gender over personality. There are numerous great trans women out there, but some men are too weary and rigid to date them because most of them feel they are dating a fellow guy, and it doesn’t just sit right with them.

It is no news that the world is filled with several individuals, and why we have sexists, we also have chauvinists, homosexuals, and heterosexuals. However, heterosexuals have seen themselves as the most morally inclined; hence, they tend to judge others based on their own moral compass. That’s one of the reasons why we have the LGBTQ community, where homosexuals and trans men and women can now live together peacefully.

However, if you are a trans woman and wonder why some men are always too rigid to date trans-women, you should read this to the end.

Top 3 reasons why men don’t want to date a trans woman

Here are some of the topmost reasons why men don’t always feel comfortable dating a trans woman

She was once like me:

One of the first questions that pop into a heterosexual man’s head when he sees a trans woman is, “she was once like me.” So, whatever sexual desires he might have had before knowing she’s a trans woman automatically stops. Having a trans woman as your wife isn’t harmful or a stigma. It takes two to tango, and when love is in the equation, everything else becomes easier to sort. Nonetheless, this is one of the main reasons most heterosexual men and trans women don’t work when it comes to having a sexual relationship together. It is worth noting that this segregation does not happen on trans live cam as several live cam trans women are ready to make you feel great, irrespective of their newly discovered gender.

Trans flag

Sexual orientation and gender identity aren’t real:

This is another major reason straight men don’t want to have anything with trans women. They do not believe in the concept of gender identity or sexual orientation. In fact, some of them don’t believe anything could move a human to believe their assigned gender at birth isn’t their right gender. Hence, most times, instead of refusing to date them or refuse a romantic relationship, they stay totally away from them. It is as bad as not having any trans friend at all, irrespective of whether she’s a trans woman or a man. This is very wrong, as the concept of sexual orientation is one of the core principles of sex and gender identity. The world isn’t rigid, our perspectives are not rigid, and we grow. As much as we keep growing, there’s a need for us to learn and unlearn; basically, trans women have found out their actual gender asides from the ones assigned to them at birth. They shouldn’t be persecuted for that. Instead, you should consider how you can find your actual gender too.

What would people say?

We are in a generation where most of us worry about people’s opinions about us. What would people say if I became gay? What would people say if I became a lesbian? What would they say if they knew she’s a trans woman? How am I going to explain in my men’s club? All these are questions that keep popping in straight men’s heads anytime they feel romantically attached to a trans woman. So, instead of acting on their feelings and neglecting what people will say, they choose not to ruin the relationship. However, it is worth noting that people will always have something to say irrespective of what you do, whether right or wrong, and human beings are insatiable. Instead, do what you need to do to make yourself and your spouse happy. If she’s a trans woman and gives you peace of mind and makes your house a home, isn’t that all that matters?

There are many beliefs that we have to disregard, and one of them is straight men being skeptical when it comes to dating a trans woman. You don’t need to have a second thought about it if both of you are in love and willing to do whatever it takes to make the relationship work perfectly.

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