Why Every Man Should Own A Pair Of Timberland Boots

Entering manhood comes with its trials and tribulations. Even in modern society, to be a man, you need to elevate by recognizing what matters. You can start by pair of Timberland boots.

It would be a firstbe a first and crucial mistake to believe that what you own doesn’t define you as a man. In reality, the things you spend your resources on reflecting who you are on the inside.

In a conversation, a man may break the ice with a simple sentence. But it’s what you have that keeps the conversation going.

Where Man Threads

Your footwear tells a lot about you. Maybe you wear sneakers exclusively or have a pair of shoes for the corporate animal habitat. If that’s the case, you are missing out on a lot. You could do much more.

The will to build and construct upon the frozen soil went away. The desire to conquer mountains and look upon the world from the top diminished. The need to thread for hours in discovery withered.

Sneakers and shoes allow you to walk on defined concrete. Work boots help you to chart an undefined path. Without the work boots, there would be no modern world.

A working man needs proper protection for each segment of his life.

A man wearing woodland shoes

The Rugged Road

For centuries, men stood under the open sky, enjoying the fruits of their labor. It didn’t matter whether it’s the pyramid of Ancient Egypt, the Colosseum of Rome, or modern skyscrapers. The very sensation of a building filled their souls with a feeling of excellence.

Construction is one of the oldest jobs known to man. Sure, you may not be able to build a pyramid. But you can set up a shed in your backyard or embark on another home improvement project.

It gets even more personal when you have to work outside. Working outside in spring and summer is a fun outdoor activity. The difficulty increases a lot when you have to do the same during autumn and winter.

But the moment you feel the snow crack under your footsteps is not like any other. It is more intense in those morning hours, where it’s you and the world.

Finally, being a man is more than returning to archaic tradition. Being a man is about upholding the structure, the fabric of society. Blue-collar men in all trades require protective footwear.

Work boots protect you in many ways. Regardless if you want pure durability, foot protection, or higher comfort. Timberland boots are all about giving you the security to dive into the work.

Escape the Worry

The primary trait of Timberland boots is high durability, insulation, and protection against hazards. It’s the type of boot that’s hard to tear, keeping your foot dry at all times.

Timberland work boots utilize a mix of materials to reduce the wear and tear of boots. The base material is leather, with the addition of nylon mashes and composite materials. Of course, some hybrid models favor certain materials to reach a specific effect.

Insulation is another concern of Timberland engineers. Most models are waterproof and cold-insulated. However, some models have insulation against fire and electricity. That allows you to tackle various jobs and job sites.

Wearing Timberland gives you a chance to enter any worksite without much concern.

Reach a New Destination

Commonly, workers in construction, industrial manufacture, and logging use Timberland. These work boots perform well in workplaces with defined hazards. You want to wear them when you need durable footwear with a proper grip that’s waterproof.

The aspect that connects mentioned workplaces is a need for standardized footwear. The abundance of Timberland models allows you to find a perfect pair for a specific job role.

However, wearers of Timberland prefer durability over anything else. The fact that a pair of Timberlands lasts for years is the incentive that closes the purchase. Yet, the durability factors help men to choose Timberlands for another purpose.

Wander the Urban Sprawl

Timberlands are excellent footwear for the city. They can do more than act as secure and durable footwear for a working man.

Wearing a pair of Timberlands can save you up money and keep you fashionable at the same time. Well, if Biggie Smalls and Mob Deep did it, there’s no reason why you can’t.

Timberland gives you instant recognition as the connoisseur of urban culture. Yes, you can be a manly guy and still mingle with the urbanites. And nothing buys you a conversation than drinking a beer in some Timbs.

In the end, the whole point of being a man is about building your tribe.

Elevate Your Game

Sure, being a man has its trials and tribulations. But the other part of being a man is about exploration.

Nowadays, men have only space to conquer. Yet, thinking that way fails you since it leaves you without a look into the final horizon. And that horizon exists within you. It is you.

Take a deep look and think hard about what you are missing. Maybe you are stuck in the office and long for that touch of nature. Maybe, you are the blue-collar guy wanting to get a taste of urban life.

Well, whether you want to hike or drink craft beer, do it in proper footwear. Nothing is more proper than a pop culture reference that lasts for years, tears less, and keeps you dry.

Give Timberland Boots a Try

Timberland is a brand for a man that’s not afraid to tackle new challenges. Owning a pair of Timbs is more than keeping you safe for long periods.

The reason why every man should own a pair of Timberland work boots is to get a foundation. At least, you need it if you want to tackle the world.

Give it a try.

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