Your Guide To Go From Thinning Hair To Winning Hair

Hair thinning can feel devastating, as much of your identity is attached to your appearance.

If you have noticed your locks are starting to thin, you might want to adopt a hairstyle that creates the illusion of thicker hair or introduce one or more tactics to restore it.

It might not always be possible to reverse thinning hair, but various techniques could lead to thicker-looking locks. Here is your guide to go from thinning hair to winning hair.

Change Your Hairstyle

Many hairstyles can draw attention away from a receding hairline or thinning. Make your locks appear thicker than they are by opting for a style that isn’t too short or long.

Aim for a haircut that is between one to three inches long. Any shorter and you will highlight balding or thinning areas.

Any longer, and you will weigh your locks down, drawing attention to sparse areas on your scalp.

Talk to a skilled barber about hair loss or thinning, as they could create a style to texturize your locks.

For instance, they might recommend cutting your hair different lengths across your head to add more texture and definition to your hairstyle.

Buy the Best Hair Products

Hair care Products

In addition to receiving a textured haircut from a talented barber, you must purchase the best hair products to style your hair at home.

Your hair length should determine the products you buy. For instance, apply a high-quality clay, wax, or texturizing paste to thinning hair that is approximately one inch long, as it will create a choppy, dense effect.

However, creams and pastes are better suited to hairstyles that are up to four inches long, as they will help you control the hair from the root and give it some lift for thicker locks that are easier to comb.

If you are lucky enough to have curls, apply a curl cream before adding a volumizing mousse to increase moisture, lift your hair, and improve its definition.

Consider a Hair Transplant Procedure

If your hair thinning has stabilized but there are no signs of regrowth, you may be a good candidate for a hair transplant.

The procedure can restore your lost confidence, as healthy follicles will be removed from donor areas (often the side or back of your scalp) and added to thinning areas.

People of all ages and genders struggle with hair thinning, and male and female hair transplants are available from a respected hair clinic.

Start by booking a face-to-face consultation with an experienced doctor or expert to identify if you are eligible for the procedure or find a suitable alternative.

Stop Smoking for Good

The chances are you know smoking isn’t good for you, as it can cause various health issues, such as cancer, COPD, diabetes, and heart disease.

However, you might not realize that smoking is bad for your hair health, as it restricts blood flow to the scalp, which will increase free radical production and damage your hair follicles.

Smokers will have an increased risk of hair loss or thinning, as smoking can affect hormone levels and increase inflammation in the body. Protect your locks throughout the years by quitting smoking for good.

Avoid Using Heated Styling Tools

Heated styling tools, such as blow dryers and straighteners, can damage your locks and contribute to thinning hair.

Applying heat will cause dry and brittle hair, which can lead to unnecessary breakage. Help your hair remain full and healthy by allowing it to air dry when wet, and find other ways to style your hair.

Also, it might not hurt to turn down your shower’s temperature when washing your hair.

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