6 Ways To Style A Tweed Jacket

Tweed Jackets are a fail-proof winter fashion investment you must make.

They are warm and classy, making them a perfect fit for your fall and winter wardrobe collection.

A tweed jacket can be worn for any occasion and can be used to dress up or dress down for the occasion.

They are versatile and can be the right pick for both work and casual catch up.

Tweed jackets have been traditional clothing for common folks in and around Scotland.

They have been popular and were worn in the countryside by fishermen, farmers, and later went on to be sportswear for its sturdiness.

What is Tweed?

Tweed is a type of woolen material that originated from Scotland.

It is a fabric woven in an intricate way to create different patterns.

The most common tweed weaving pattern is plain and other patterns include twill, herringbone, diagonal, and check.

The fabric is commonly dyed in neutral tones to be converted to jackets.

Tweed’s durability and water resistance have made it a popular choice for jackets over the years.

When to Wear a Tweed Jacket?

A tweed jacket can be worn at any time and is acceptable for any occasion.

Because of the thickness of the material, tweed is often worn for winters.

Although, there are jackets for men that are lightweight and retain less heat making it comfortable to sport a tweed jacket in summer.

The water resistance property prevents dampness from penetrating within the clothing during the summer season.

How to Style a Tweed Jacket

Here is a list of ways you can style your tweed jacket with your existing wardrobe and sport the look for any season and occasion.

Pair It Up with a White Shirt

A grey tweed jacket goes great with a formal white shirt.

You can pair the look with blue jeans for a casual look or you can go formal with formal pants and make it into winter workwear.

The colors and the appeal of this ensemble are very subtle, sophisticated, and adds a smart flare to your overall look.

Traditional Tweed Look

Steal the look from your favorite classic movies.

We have seen our favorite stars sport tweed jackets in a lot of movies and series.

Pick a classic earthy hue tweed jacket with a tattersall shirt and accessorize with a matching flat cap and a country boot to bring back the classic Scottish look.

This country look is timelessly stylish, traditional and an ideal look for a day at the race or the club.

Go Turtleneck

A turtleneck shirt is a winter essential not just because it keeps you warm but is incredibly stylish.

Wear a tweed jacket on top of your turtleneck shirt or sweater and get ready to welcome the winter.

You can wear a shirt that matches your jacket or bring out contrast by choosing bright and vibrant colors. This look works great for Christmas dinners and parties.

Keep it Casual

Tweed jackets can be an essential formal piece of clothing but its versatility allows you to experiment with the other possibilities as well.

You can keep the look very casual by pairing your tweed jacket with your sweatpants. You can complete this look by adding white sneakers or canvas.

Leather Pants to the Go

Leather pants have always been a controversial choice of clothing.

But as much it is criticized it is equally loved by many across the world.

You can give a sleek finish to your outfit by mix and matching with a shirt and a pair of black leather pants. This works great for a grey or tan tweed jacket.

You can also slip into a vintage tee and pair it up with leather pants and a tweed jacket and keep things casual.

Tweed Waistcoats

A classic tweed coat with a formal shirt and pants is one of the most common acceptable workwear across the world.

A waistcoat accentuates your midsection and makes you look in shape.

You can wear your tweed waistcoat under a contrasting jacket to add a celebratory feel to the outfit.

You can pick neutral and earthy tones if you are looking to tone down or dress down with a waistcoat.

You can add a whole new vibe to your outfit by accessorizing the tweed jackets.

You can choose to dress up by adding bow ties, a waistcoat, boots, scarves, etc. or dress down by keeping the look simple with just the jacket.

If you tend to believe less is more, then you can go with any one of the accessories to set the mood of your outfit.

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