What Is Fashion?

If we express it in lame man language, fashion is basically the way we (society or people as a whole) wear or dress up varieties and particular kind of arena of wardrobe or clothing and elements around.

People usually have a perception of Fashion as a sense of clothing but it is just halfway around and that the clothing part comes up with accessories, bags, footwear. Although the list given here is very short but is actually an overview because FASHION is a thing that cannot be jotted down in a few words.

It has a great evolution where we do not consider the time difference. If we talk of just the present era, we will lack words and specifications to elaborate and magnify the vastness and hugeness of this ocean of glamour. This era of modernization is not modernizing in just a single aspect of a couple of years but is evolving and evolving day by day.

Now people who are quite active on social media have good knowledge and will agree with my point that this is what is happening.

A men's suit

Now the next question arises how can we say that it is actually a daily task of having a mutable fashion?

Well! Indeed, this fact is true not just verbally or in blank writing but as talked of temporal aspect and comparison of fashion evolution and mutability it was the time when a fashion had a real era, it could for a tenure of 5 years, it could be a tenure of 10 years and now if we compare the relation and changeability of the entity ‘Fashion’, it would answer almost all aspects.

Now, these were days when we had high, tight fit jeans and in no time an era of bell-bottom, trousers, and straight fit emerged and not just this eye-brows aren’t usually available in the natural shape an innovation applied all around. Evolution and a huge change had emerged and is emerging day by day, right from toe to tip.

But Do we really think about how this really comes from, or what actually origin is, or from where every other day the evolution starts?

Now although the base answer for the above questions is the same bit just briefing. we will go deep into the swamp.

Actually, the glamour world is the actual originator or the one from which takes the trend or fashion to notice. Majorly the highlight, take up and put into vision some really high change things which do not evolve in a day or a month but a longer time period. So mostly they go with vastness. Secondly, they stick to it. There constantly following the same trend and being still and stagnant for the trend actually makes it hit.

Hence, there you go with a new trend launched in the market. Second and the important role of promoting the trend and fashion are the dealers and shopkeepers they sell the high clothing with a myth spreading around that the piece of clothing is being bought by the people like fire in the jungle and some really great fashion-obsessed people help them take it so far.

Then comes the turn of the people (people like you and me) who just wear a different entity or try a new challenge on TikTok or even better JUST FILL THE INSTAGRAM. There you go. A new daily changeable fashion in the market is here.

Read my other blogs on the evolution of fashion and the modernization of westernization to know more about fashion.

As there are many weirdest fashion trends which really exist. For instance, we can wear warm clothes in Swedish fashion and we can wear thin clothes in African fashion. The main purpose of fashion is if we buy something, the way it looks on us and represents our existence. It makes us looks more realistic.

Importantly, we can explore more fashion trends by using the #ootd hashtag on Instagram.

Last but not least and According to me the most salient and fundamental source of fashion evolution is the companies, fashion companies, like Coco Channel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, House of Versace, Fendi, Ralph Lauren, Armani, etc.

They are the true originators of the fashion trends and/but are also the ones who do what people want to be trending.

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