Wedding Fashion Guide: How Guys Can Be the Standout Plus One

For the bride and the groom, weddings represent the pinnacle moment of their lives. For wedding guests, however, it represents the peak of style and fashion.

If you go to a wedding looking drab, then you’re not just letting yourself down, you’re also letting down the other attendees and the couple themselves.

Don’t commit a fashion faux pas—even if you’re a guy— at weddings.

All of it will forever be memorialized by wedding photographers and videographers, like those from SparkWeddings, forcing the couple to possibly block you from their memory.

Show up to a wedding in style. Here’s how guys can stand out from the crowd in a couple’s most important day.


Adhere to the Dress Code

You may not be a stickler to the rules, but make sure you adhere to dress codes. In such situations, the wedding planners—and the couple, basically—want guests to have a general look without being too specific on it. Rebelling against the code might get you weird (or furious) looks from everyone.

If it’s a black-tie wedding, then wear a black-tie—black tuxedo, black bow tie, white tux shirt, patent leather shoes.

If the wedding calls for “barnyard chic”, go for Western-Esque without going full cowboy—dark wash denim on denim with leather boots and belt is the way to go.

Think of dress codes as the bare minimum look you need to achieve and then aim for the stars.

Suits and Weddings Go Along Swimmingly

Men typically wear suits to weddings.

It’s just the norm. Stylish dress shirt, dress pants, leather shoes—but don’t forget the blazer. Smart casual wedding dress code?

Grab an eye-catching, light-colored casual suit. Black tie weddings? Definitely wear a suit.

According to the fashionable men of, there’s an air of respect and responsibility for being a guest to weddings. As such, the best rule would be to wear suits.

Wear Something Comfortable (If You Can)

If there’s no dress code mentioned, then wear something that’s comfortable for you. Check the venue and the schedule of the wedding, and base what you’ll wear on the information available.

Not all weddings are set in places where there’s a heater or air-conditioning.

If it’s an outdoor wedding in the middle of July and you’re looking for summer wedding outfits for men, wool suits are a no-go unless you’re aiming for a wet look.

You can look like a dashing debonair without getting sweaty with suits made from breathable fabrics, such as linen, or something versatile, such as cotton.

When in Doubt, Overdress.

Men’s fashion is modular, in a sense.

So, when you don’t know what everyone will wear for the wedding, just be “over-prepared”. Arrive at the wedding overdressed and then remove any article of clothing you need to if you think you need to scale down. Not a tie party? Take off your tie. Dress code says summer casual?

Take the suit off later and roll up your sleeves. Mix and match according to what people are currently wearing in the ceremony or reception.

Wedding fashion needn’t be difficult. Of course, you want to look dashing without outshining the groom, yet stand out above the guests. But like any occasion—the first date, going to church or having your first job interview—you want to look your very best. So, make sure you add plus points to your fashion as a plus one.

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