Bachelor Pad Housewarming Gifts For The Bro

Whether it’s a one-bedroom apartment, a small house on an unremarkable street, or a brand-spanking, newly built house, guys dream of having their little piece of heaven, or what’s more commonly referred to as a bachelor pad.

Picture a sink full of dishes, that ratty old chair from college, and a cornucopia of interesting and exotic aromas – that’s the bachelor pad of old. Today, guys are into having their sacred sanctuary feel like a home, cozy and comfortable, but with enough reminders that this is, indeed, a modern bachelor pad.

What better way to say congratulations on your new digs than with these ultra-cool bachelor pad gifts?

Housewarming Gifts for Guys

Ditch the potted plant (he’ll kill it anyway) and the six-pack of beer and elevate your gift-giving game with some of our favorite housewarming gifts for men that he’s sure to love.

Functional Kitchen Gadgets

Even Bobby Flay had to start somewhere. So, whether he’s a soon-to-be master chef or barely confident with peanut butter and jelly, having the right kitchen gadgets and tools can mean the difference between greasy leftover takeout and box mac and cheese or a healthier, home-cooked meal.

Although it has its critics, an Airfryer is the ideal do-it-all kitchen gadget for cooking a wide variety of items, from meat and eggs to vegetables, potatoes, and more. It’s a solid addition to any bachelor pad.

Combined with the Airfryer, our next gift idea might just be all he needs to cook all his meals. The versatile crockpot is a staple in kitchens and it’s easy to see why. He can cook soups, chili, chicken and meat, barbecue, mac & cheese, and pot roast, just to name a few.

Other kitchen gadgets that make fantastic housewarming gifts for guys include an espresso machine, food chopper, knife block, and nonstick frying pan set. Who knows? Maybe Bobby Flay really will get a run for his money.

Barware and Drink Accessories

Although this may be a category he is somewhat proficient in, we’re betting some of his drink accessories are, shall we say, in need of an upgrade. The classy bachelor pad he’s striving for is going to need more than plastic cups for wine and beer and shot glasses for the liquor. Check out these ideas for bar gifts for him.

You can start by giving him a full set of stainless-steel cocktail/bar tools which should include a shaker, jigger, strainer, and muddler, among others. And for your next trick – a bar accessory he doesn’t know he needs…yet. Help him elevate his cocktail repertoire with a smoke gun, perfect for adding an extra flair for guests and for infusing his favorite cocktails with an added layer of smoky taste.

Is he more of a beer guy? That’s OK, so was Ben Franklin and he did pretty well for himself. A set of personalized pint glasses makes for the perfect housewarming gift for the guy who loves a cold one after a long day. And if you want to wow him, consider his favorite style of beer – is it an IPA, a stout, a porter – and give him a set of beer glasses that are designed to complement those styles of suds.

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Outdoor and Grill Accessories

outdoor Grill

This is your time to shine as the wonderful housewarming, gift-giving friend you are. Since the dawn of time, man has grilled meat on a hot surface, thus impressing all around him with his skills and ability to grill. OK, that may have been a bit dramatic, but the sentiment holds – guys love to throw a slab of something on the grill and prepare it to perfection.

If he’s using a DIY set of grill tools – you know, the spatula from the back of the drawer, an old, dirty brush to clean the grill gates…you get the idea – then it is past time for a new grilling tools set. Pair it with a digital meat thermometer and grill mitts and he’s good to go.

If your budget has a little extra room, consider giving him a monthly meat subscription box. This will surely improve your friend status and you may even get invited (fingers crossed) over for some steaks on the grill to celebrate.

If you’re unsure of his specific tastes, grab a basket and load it up with a variety of gourmet sauces, rubs, and marinades to sample.

Personalized Touches

A housewarming is a special occasion and it deserves a thoughtful gift which is why personalization is always a great way to go. Personalized gifts for him help commemorate this significant moment with something he’ll always remember. Try a customized metal or wood sign and personalize it with his name and the date he moved in for a truly unique memento that will add a special touch to his new abode.

It’s a good bet he’ll try to put in a game or entertainment room somewhere in the residence. Give him a personalized dart board or other custom tabletop game to keep him entertained any time of day or night.

Whether he’s setting out on his own for the first time or reintroducing himself to the bachelor lifestyle, these housewarming gifts for guys are sure to get him off to the right start.

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