6 Cool Ideas For Hosting A Legendary Guys Night

Belly-holding laughs, risqué jokes, and an armful of snacks and drinks are a must for every guys’ night. And while those may not change, spicing things up a bit by doing something different with the boys may be what you need to make your next night legendary.

Planning your night around the same activities every time can get repetitive and boring. To get you started on your planning, we have listed some guy-centric activities you and your friends could enjoy. If you are in charge of gathering the guys this weekend and running low on ideas to make it more fun, don’t worry, for we have you covered.

1. Beer-testing

Boys and beer: name an even better match- we’ll wait. Just get your guys around with the promise of great beer, and they’ll probably RSVP for your night sooner than you had expected.

However, taking out the same six-pack every other guy’s night can get predictable. If your friends love trying out new stuff, why not mix things up and have a beer-testing night instead?

Get yourself an assortment of beer and delicious snacks to go with them, and you’d be good to go. A beer-testing will allow you and your friends to sample different beers instead of sticking to the one favorite. Who knows, they may even find a new favorite by the end of the night.

However, only ordering different beers is not going to cut it. You may have to consider many other things to make your event successful. Think of palate cleansers, beers’ freshness and temperature, and beer mugs. If the last one threw you off a bit, don’t worry- you can find more about different types of beer mugs here and get some to add some extra bit of style.

2. Sports Night

If you and your friends love watching a game, you may already know that game nights can get very intense and entertaining. If you have a huge TV and a friend group keen on watching sports, a sports-related watch party may be the most appropriate plan for your guys’ night.

Make sure to keep your couches tidy and comfortable, your fridge stocked with the best beer, and your table full of snacks to munch on during the game. Having a couple of cushions lying around won’t hurt either: who knows, a worked-up fan may need to throw or punch one to express his frustration or excitement through the night.

If you want to take it a step further than hosting a watch party, you could buy tickets to a game scheduled in your town or city. Attending a local game of basketball, football, baseball, or any other sport, can be very entertaining with the right company.

Another fun idea for a sports night would be to have a sports tournament. Hold a game of darts, foosball, or even football, if you have a big enough outdoor or indoor space to accommodate your game of choice. If you and your friends love playing a game as much as watching one, having a competitive game night may be right up your alley.

Guys Night out

3. Game Night

Guys like their video games, which is as much a fact as the sun rising from the east. Everybody needs a healthy competitive friendship to stimulate the brain, so dust out your Nintendo or Playstation and get yourself ready to one-up your friends in video games throughout the night. Don’t forget a large stock of snacks and beer to accompany you on your entertaining games night.

If your friends prefer other sorts of games over video games, you still have many game options to last you through the night. Playing board games like Chess, Sequence, and Scrabble can bring lots of fun to the party. There are few things as fun as spending the night strategizing against your friends.

If you and your friends wish to try other gaming activities, you could always play a few drinking games and call it a night.

4. Movie Night

A movie night with the guys sounds just about right for your next big gathering. However, one movie will hardly be enough to last you through the night. A movie marathon, on the other hand, will keep the guys hooked for hours.

You could decide on a genre with your friends and stack all the best movies in that category to watch. For instance, if your friends are fans of action movies, you could binge-watch Mission Impossible or James Bond movies with the guys.

However, not everybody has the same taste in movies, so deciding on a genre may be tricky. Also, watching the same kinds of movies one after the other can get boring for some after a while. To make things interesting, you could ask all your friends to bring one of their favorite movies of any genre and spend the night watching everyone’s picks.

5. Grill & Chill

Hosting a chill grill night will allow you and the guys to relax, converse, eat, drink, and have fun in each other’s company. Guys love a good steak, so set your grill equipment outdoors and spend a laid-back evening grilling meat with your friends. Some guy nights are best left simple with a beer and a grilled meat dinner plan. There is nothing extravagant about hosting a grilling party in your backyard. Still, it provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy yourself with your friends while doing the minimum.

6. Poker Night

Poker is one of the most popular games among guys. If you and your friends love dealing a poker hand now and then, host a poker night for everyone to have fun. However, poker can get very intense if you play for real money, so consider playing for fake money instead.

If your friends insist on playing for real money, make sure to set spending limits. You don’t want to start the game with high spirits only to end the night quarreling with your friend over a bet.


Regardless of what activities you have got planned, the main goal of having your friends around is to have fun. Plan for the night you are hosting, but don’t go too overboard lest it makes it all tedious and a burden for you.

Due to life’s many engagements, getting all your friends to gather on the same day and at the same time can be a struggle. If you don’t wish to complicate things for yourself further, just stock up on all the food and beverages and get the guys to come over.

There is nothing wrong with planning something familiar if everybody still ends up enjoying it by the end. As long as you and your friends can talk and bond through the night, any guys’ night will be legendary.

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