5 Newest Celebrity Bobbleheads That Came Out

Bobbleheads are small dolls with enlarged heads that shake from side to side when you move them.

These have been increasingly popular all over the world.

Celebrity bobbleheads, in particular, serve as high-value collectibles. Many fans would spend thousands of dollars on their favorite celebrity’s memorabilia – Celebrity bobbleheads included.

There are two reasons why celebrity bobbleheads are so popular. Primarily, Celebrity bobbleheads give fans a closer connection with their celebrity idols.

These include Hollywood movie stars, or the movie character themselves, talk show hosts, famous athletes, etc. Secondly, the size and design of these dolls are so convenient that owners can place them anywhere- on the office desk, on top of a cabinet, or car dashboards.

While some celebrity bobbleheads can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars, it is not the price of the bobblehead that gives it high value but rather the connection it serves between the fans to their celebrity idols.

With that said, there are a few websites that offer the best custom bobbleheads.

With that said, here are a few more recently released celebrity bobbleheads that collectors should consider.

National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum J.J. Watt bobblehead

National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum J.J. Watt bobblehead

The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum released a new limited-edition bobblehead featuring the former Wisconsin Badgers college football player.

The bobblehead features Watt wearing a red No. 99 jersey, holding a football while sitting on a badger. The bobbleheads are currently in production and ought to release in May.

Scarlet Johansson Signed Marvel Bobbleheads

Scarlet Johansson Signed Marvel Bobbleheads

Scarlet Johansson Memorabilia has been increasingly popular ever since she first appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

During the 2018 San Diego Comic Convention, Scarlet Johanson Signed 10 Funko Pop bobbleheads in their original boxes with non-removable holographic stickers.

New Patrick Mahomes Bobblehead

New Patrick Mahomes Bobblehead

Patrick Mahomes memorabilia has increasingly grown since the Kansas City Chief’s Sunday win launched them into the Super Bowl.

In light of this, the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame ordered a new shipment of Mahomes bobbleheads, which became available this past month of January.

DJ Khaled Bobblehead

DJ Khaled Bobblehead

The Miami Marlins released DJ Khaled Bobbleheads on August 12, 2018. DJ Khaled premiered a new team anthem “Just Gettin’ Started” during pregame ceremonies for Opening Day at Marlins Park that season.

The bobbleheads immortalized the South Florida musician and producer during the Miami Marlins’ home game against the New York Mets.

Only the earliest of fans got their hands on these celebrity collectibles as the supplies are minimal.

Pitbull Bobblehead

Aside from DJ Khaled bobbleheads, Miami promotions initially released the first-ever Pitbull bobbleheads on July 29. This release meant to celebrate the “305 Day” at Marlins Park. Del Toro, in limited stock, sponsored the giveaway.

Additionally, the bobblehead has an audio feature with recordings from Pitbull himself.

According to Pitbull on a news release, it’s an honor to have the first official Pitbull bobblehead released on 305 Day. The Marlins have expressed great support to the Pitbull brand.

Finding the right supplier for shipping

There are many supplier that can provide you custom bobble head like a sports bobble head, basketball player bobble head, custom doll bobble head. Some sports player that have played in the national have a lot of bobble head that is available for sale. Some bobblehead is also available in the museum for you to see. Some supplier can make a custom one for you as well. The supplier should be able to make high quality bobbleheads.

Best selling custom bobblehead

One can order a custom bobble doll online that is similar to one in the hall of the museum. Basketball players have one of the highest-selling custom bobble doll as basketball players have their names in the hall of fame. Basketball players are always in the news for sports-related stuff.

Made to order

Some supplier can provide made-to-order bobblehead doll. You can search for sites that offer made to order products. Make to order bobbleheads will take a large time for the supplier to shipping. Sports is one of the most famous categories as it is always in the news.

Latest bobblehead news

There are a lot of supplier that can provide you with the latest custom bobblehead merch. You can order on their site and the supplier offers free shipping as well. The various supplier will charge different shipping fees according to the location you are located at. You can check the supplier site to get an idea about that. The supplier generally has all the info about the product on their site.

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