4 Cleaning Tips For A Better Living Environment

Your home is your sanctuary, so keeping it clean and tidy can have a huge effect on your peace and happiness inside your abode.

The rise of the pandemic has taught us that keeping your home clean is not only good for aesthetics (no one wants a surprise guest when they have a sink full of dishes!) but is also necessary for a healthy and safe environment.

We’ve put together some tips to follow to ensure that your space feels, looks, and smells good, not only for last-minute visitors but also for your own wellbeing. Check them out below!

1. Have Your Soft Furnishings Professionally Cleaned

There are some items in your home that a surface-level clean won’t be enough. Things like curtains and drapes should be taken down and cleaned professionally once a year as they absorb smells such as smoke and cooking and will start to look grubby over time.

If you have rugs that have soaked up spilled drinks and mud from pet paws, take them to a rug cleaning and repair company that will be able to restore them to their former glory. If you have carpets then bring in a business that will be able to steam clean and remove any stains.

2. Remove Mold

Whilst it is unsightly, the look of mold is the least worrying problem. Mold be hugely harmful to your health as it produces allergens and toxins. If anyone in your home has asthma, it can be a trigger that can cause very serious consequences.

To remove mold you should always be kitted out in rubber gloves and goggles, with clothing that protects your arms and legs. For peace of mind, you could consider professional mold abatement training which is crucial for individuals who want to learn how to safely remove mold from indoor environments.

3. Wash Your Bedsheets – Correctly


We all know we should be washing our bed covers weekly, but make sure you’re washing them the right way. Dust mites can survive on bedding even after it’s been laundered if you’re not washing at a high enough temperature. Once a month wash your bedding at over 130F to get rid of any lurking mites.

4. Clean Your Toilet Brush

The toilet brush is a fantastic invention, but if it’s filthy you’re not actually cleaning much. Plus, dirty brushes retain the dirty particles from your toilet, which can spread through the air and can make your bathroom smell terrible. Once a week, plunge the brush into bleach to soak, and then carefully rinse off into boiling hot water. Replace it every few months just to be on the safe side.

Which of these cleaning tips will you be trying in your home? Share your own tips in the comments to inspire others!

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