Common Skin Issues In Dogs

Is your little furry friend itchy most of the time? Do you see it constantly licking or scratching its skin? Do you notice a growing bald patch on its fur? These could be the signs of skin ailments in your dog.

Skin problems are a common occurrence in dogs. Let us walk you through the most common skin problems in dogs.

Environmental allergies

If your pooch keeps scratching its face, chest, stomach, or feet, it is a symptom of environmental allergy. Allergies occur due to allergens like dust mites, pollen, and grass. Also known as atopy, they cause irritated and itchy skin.

Take your dog to the vet and get it tested for an allergic reaction. Your vet will prescribe tablets, injections, and shampoos to treat skin lesions. Also, once you know what is triggering the allergy, do not let your pet encounter it.

Cancer and tumors

Every lump or bump on the body of your beloved dog is not cancer. However, lipomas (benign, fatty tumors) are common in old dogs.

If you are worried about the lump on your dog’s body, take it to your vet. They will take a fine needle sample to test whether the lump is cancerous or not.

Meanwhile, you can use CBD treats for pets to relieve symptoms, if any.

Ticks and Fleas

Ticks and Fleas prevention medicine for dog

Ticks and fleas bite and suck blood. Hence, causing severe pain and discomfort on the skin. Moreover, flea saliva can trigger an allergic response after entering the body, leading to itching.

If your pet keeps scratching the skin (bite marks) and chewing its fur to relieve itching, ticks and fleas could be the reason. You can consider using CBD oil for itching and pain.

The best way to get fleas out of your home is by vacuuming your bedding and carpets daily. If the bugs still pester you and your furry friend, consider pest control.


Scabs, bumps, and sores on the skin indicate folliculitis, a skin condition characterized by inflamed hair follicles. It occurs due to other skin conditions, like skin allergies, mange, etc.

Your vet might prescribe oral antibiotic medications, antibiotic ointments, and shampoos to soothe this skin condition.


If your pet has developed open and crusty skin sores, it could be due to lupus. Lupus is an autoimmune disorder whereby the immune system attacks its cells.

The sores caused by this skin condition are often seen around the eyes, nose, and paws and take a lot of time to heal. This skin condition should not be left unchecked, as it can escalate to severe issues.

If you notice such sores on your dog’s body, take it to a vet immediately.


Another common skin condition in dogs is ringworm, a highly contagious fungal infection. It appears as crusty, round patches on the head, ears, front legs, and paws. The lesion can get red and inflamed due to itching and irritation.

Vets generally prescribe topical applications to treat the infection and arrest its spread.

Yeast infections

Yeast infections are also common in dogs. They generally happen in hard-to-reach areas, like in between the toes, ear canal, perineum, groin, etc.

Generally, the site of the infection becomes thick, causing itching. Your dog might bite at the site to relieve itching.

Topical applications, washes, and medications help in relieving the symptoms.

In conclusion

These were the most common skin ailments in dogs. Additionally, skin conditions tend to flare up during the warm season. Hence, keep an eye out for any symptoms of skin issues in your dog and remedy them the moment you spot them.

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