Two People, One Bathroom: What are some good ideas?

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It is a room where you relax in the evening with a warm shower and also helps you get ready in the morning. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the bathroom is well decorated and contains all the materials that will help you stay sharp in the morning before you head out.

You may have a partner, and both of you have busy schedules. This means that the bathroom needs additional features to help both of you get ready fast so as to meet your deadlines.

This article highlights some of the ideas you can incorporate into your bathroom to help both of you use the bathroom efficiently without wasting too much time.

Keep It Organized Through Proper Storage

It is important to have the right storage in your bathroom. This way, you can both place all the items you need to get ready in the morning in a safe space. Also, ensure that you arrange the items well to avoid confusion in the morning. Get two baskets where you can store your belongings. Also, open shelves are a clever way to store your bathroom necessities. Divide the shelves into two sections and place your belongings on your shelf.

With ample storage designs, you will trace your items with ease and therefore prepare well and be off to run your errands.

Proper Layout

The layout of the bathroom should be in such a way that it accommodates both of you at the same time. Separate the toilet from the bathroom so that each of you can use the bathroom simultaneously. Also, add a barn door with top mount barn door hardware to support the door. This helps you save on space in your bathroom. You can then use the extra space to create a better layout and more room to help both of you get ready on time in the morning.

Room for a Closet

Create a room for a closet for functionality and efficiency. Divide the closets and drawers into sections, and each of you should choose a side where they will place their belongings. Properly fold dry towels and some linen and properly arrange them in the closet. This way, there will be no confusion and time wastage as you try to find your items. In addition, these closets will ensure that the bathroom is free from any clutter and therefore look organized and ready for use. A bathroom full of clutter may affect your mood in the morning, which may affect your performance throughout the day.

Double Sinks

It goes without saying that every bathroom requires a sink. It allows you to brush your teeth and shave, to mention but a few advantages. Therefore, add double sinks with each space having its own mirror. This way, everyone will have a dedicated private space to prepare in the morning and in the evening as well. You can also place your toothbrush and shaver on your side to avoid mixing them up.

Best Floor Material

When you design a bathroom for two busy people, consider getting top-of-the-art flooring materials for your bathroom. Materials that will make the room appear spacious than it actually is. In addition, the flooring material should be able to prevent falls while beautifying your bathroom.

Consider a small and colorful rug with crisscross patterns. This rug will help you dry your feet and keep them warm as well. Also, ensure the floor material matches the tiles on your walls to bring uniformity to the bathroom. This way, both of you can share a great and safe place to prepare for your busy schedules.

All the above are some of the clever ways to ensure that two busy people share a bathroom without quarrel and help them get to work on time looking fresh and ready to accomplish their daily tasks. Both of you should sit down and agree on the various designs mentioned above and make a proper investment towards creating an individual space for the both of you in the bathroom.

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