10 Costliest Sports Memorabilia Ever Sold

Collecting sports memorabilia goes back to the early decades of the 20th century when people collected rare baseball cards and games signed by leading run scorers of that season.

NBA star Dennis Rodman was famous for throwing his jerseys to the stands after his games were over. Michael Jordan’s jersey is the most sought after one in the game of basketball.

The costliest football jersey was sold for $224,000, which belonged to the legendary footballer Pele who wore it during the 1970 football final, which Brazil went on to win.

In Australia, sports memorabilia is highly valuable. Still, it is often difficult to find a genuine seller with legitimate goods, but some excellent sellers boast of an exquisite collection of sports memorabilia. It includes Rugby, football, AFL, netball, boxing and lots more.

The Costliest Sports Memorabilia are listed below

1. FA Cup – $956,000

Only four such FA cups were made in the history

2. Babe Ruth’s Yankees Contract – $996,000

The contract between Babe Ruth and the Yankees bought in a lot of money at the auction, almost achieving the million-dollar figure.

3. MuhammadAli 1965 Floyd Patterson Fight Gloves – $1.1 Million

Ali’s fight with Floyd Patterson was an exceptional one, mainly because of Floyd Patterson’s open hatred towards American Muslims. As one would expect, Ali knocked him out in the 6th round and went on to win the match.

4. Sheffield Football Club Rules, -$1.24 Million

The rules and regulations of the Sheffield football club was sold for an excess of a million

5. Babe Ruth Yankee Stadium Home Run Bat – $1.265 Million

Babe Ruth, the fancied Baseball Player, hit a home run in the brand new Yankee Stadium against his former team

6. Paul Henderson Jersey – $1.275 Million

Paul Henderson is perhaps one of the best players of the ice hockey game. His jersey was sold for a considerable price, befitting for a legend of his stature.

7. Mark McGwire’s 70th Home Run Ball – $3 Million

Mark McGwire set a record for 70 Home runs in a single season and announced his ruthless hitting to the world. The Ball fetched about $3 Million, one of the highest prices for a sports collectible.

8. Honus Wagner Baseball Card – $3.12 Million

It is the most critical baseball card in the world and was sold in mint condition. There is only one such card like this, and it is considered an absolute treasure in the baseball community.

9. James Naismith’s Rules of Basketball – $4.3 Million

The rules written by the inventor of basketball is an obvious choice for the title of one of the most expensive sports memorabilia. The regulations that were etched in 1891 fetched an obscene amount of 4.3 Million dollars and set a world record.

10. Babe Ruth Jersey – $4.415 Million

Babe Ruth is no joke in the baseball community. Considered by many to be the god of the game, his jersey is bound to be the costliest piece of Sports collectible in history. Fans had made Babe Ruth bigger than the game itself, and Babe Ruth didn’t disappoint them by becoming the best player the world had ever seen. Almost every baseball record is named after this man, who is widely regarded as the man who made the world watch baseball.

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