Crypto Coins You Should Keep Your Eye On Right Now

Are you looking for the hottest crypto coins to invest in right now? Well, your search is over! In this blog post, we’ll be discussing some of the best digital currencies out there today.

We’ll cover their advantages and disadvantages and what makes them stand out from the rest. By the end, you’ll know exactly which ones to buy on exchange platforms such as Oanda. So let’s get started!



If you’re looking for the next big crypto coin, Ethereum is certainly one to watch. It’s grown in popularity over recent months, building strong momentum as more investors enter the market.

Ethereum stands out from other coins because it’s built on a platform with many potential applications, from smart contracts to decentralized financial transactions. Its value has risen significantly compared to other coins giving it great potential if you’re looking for serious growth.

With the positive response and buzz that continues to drive Ethereum’s rise, now is an ideal time to keep your eye on this coin for potential returns on your investment.

Binance Coin (BNB)

Besides Bitcoin and Ethereum, Binance Coin is another smart cryptocurrency to keep an eye on. This is because users are encouraged to use BNB since there is a discount for those who pay with BNB on Binance.

The tokenomics of BNB and its practical applications make it a promising cryptocurrency investment in 2023. Binance continues to burn millions of BNB each quarter, which will likely continue for the foreseeable future.

This token burn is the most significant factor in Binance Coin’s growth from trading at pennies in 2017 to a high of $667 in 2021. As a result of the token burn, most analysts predict that the value of BNB will skyrocket in the coming years.


As the first of its type, Bitcoin has a high market liquidity level, making it one of the most frequently traded cryptocurrency currencies.

As the first decentralized digital currency, it attracted much early interest and is now the most valued currency. Bitcoin’s widespread acceptance is another perk; you can buy things from a wide variety of online stores and find stores accepting Bitcoin as payment.

Its robust technological underpinnings and dependability as a payment mechanism have propelled it to the ranks of the world’s most actively traded currency. Bitcoin is still an attractive option right now as more businesses than ever before are accepting blockchain currency.

ApeCoin (APE)

Currently, ApeCoin is the most exciting cryptocurrency to keep an eye on. If you’ve been keeping up with the cryptocurrency market in 2022, you’ll know that ApeCoin has received much attention because of its connection to the infamous Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs there.

After an initial surge of thousands of percent when ApeCoin entered circulation, the cryptocurrency had a correction. Still, ApeCoin is one of the top cryptocurrencies to invest in right now because of all the exciting developments that are taking place with the currency.

ApeCoin’s Other Side Metaverse is one of the most recent innovations in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The main attraction is the sale of plots of land in the Otherside Metaverse for APE tokens.

In addition, ApeCoin has become the most prominent Metaverse cryptocurrency because of its ties to the Bored-Ape NFTs. Therefore, ApeCoin is in a solid position to take over the rapidly expanding sectors of Web 3.0, mainly the NFT gaming industry.

Dogecoin (DOGE)


Let’s look into dogecoin. Dogecoin is one of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies to purchase right now. That’s due to the growing size of its user base and popularity. Yet, its price hasn’t changed that much despite all this.

The value of Dogecoin increased by 12,000% between 2020 and mid-2021. This came after Elon Musk repeatedly tweeted to boost DOGE prices. Musk acquired Twitter this year and is operating it privately. This gives him more latitude in his speech, allowing him to do things like pump Doge.

There were previous indications of this possibility before he finalized the Twitter transaction. At that time, Musk advocated for DOGE to be included on Twitter as a payment option. If Musk implements Dogecoin as a payment option on Twitter, the ensuing publicity might propel it to the forefront of the cryptocurrency market. As could be expected, the vast majority of forecasts for Dogecoin’s price are optimistic.

Bottom Line

Though many digital assets are in the market, these five have significant potential to generate substantial returns in 2023 and beyond. Although most cryptocurrencies will likely see significant gains in 2023, you should proceed cautiously when making any purchases. That’s because you must be abreast of market developments and adapt accordingly.

Keep your eye on them as they grow and develop over time. Who knows? One or more of them could turn into the next big thing. If you’re starting cryptocurrency investing, it may be wise to focus on the larger, more well-known coins. Popular cryptocurrency exchanges have all of these top cryptocurrencies listed if you’re unsure where to acquire them.

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