10 Fall Fashion Tips For Men

Layering your clothing is still fashionable whether you’re a trendsetter or you have a more laid-back personality. The traditional charcoal-gray blazer over a white button-down still makes a powerful statement, and a men’s hoodie over an extended tee is still an adult. Fashion is personal, and what you wear should reflect who you are and how you feel.

Experimenting with warm neutrals and bright pops of color is perfect for fall trends. Shades of rust, green, and yellow remain fall highlights, and black will always reign as the true black. Mixing patterns is a fun way to brighten up a dull wardrobe, and closet shopping is a terrific way to wear t-shirts that still have tags with your favorite relaxed jeans.

Fun Fall Fashion Trends for Men

Fall fashion tips for men can include warm, casual looks. Football season and hayrides are the perfect time for boots, hoodies, and puffer jackets. A deep burgundy full-zip hoodie over black denim jeans with cowboy boots, for example, shows a man with a classic, wholesome style. It also creates a modern look. Casual looks don’t have to be grungy unless that’s your style.

If you’re a button-up guy, loosen up with a high-quality fresh, clean tee layered underneath your unbuttoned collared shirt. Nothing says leading man more than a personal twist on a traditional look.

Fashion trends are meant to be explored, so be bold when choosing mixed patterns. Build a daytime outfit around a solid hoodie by adding a textured belt and some plaid sneakers. What’s on your feet should also complement your entire look.

Figuring Out Your Personal Style

When developing your style, “Never wear anything that panics the cat.” J. O’Rourke offered this advice for men in choosing what to wear. Flamboyance isn’t against the law in men’s fashion but put forth some time and consideration when choosing an outfit.

Your look should make a statement without being overpowering. You can move out of your comfort zone without being overly uncomfortable. Do some browsing online and on social media to get ideas on changing up your look. These ideas should help you maintain your core clothing preferences.

Changing up your casual wardrobe is a terrific way to add depth to your style. Hoodies, tees, and jeans never get old. Hooded sweatshirts or crew necks are perfect for autumn evenings or early morning runs. If your comfort level includes sneakers or loafers, you can add a soft cotton hoodie in a deep shade to elevate the look. A monochromatic pullover hoodie with joggers is stylish, especially when the fabric is of higher quality.

5 Cool Looks With Hoodies

guy wearing hoodie

Hoodies are the new jackets. They can be the central part of a fashionable casual outfit. Here are some ways to style a hoodie:

  1. Wear a solid color hoodie over a collared shirt with slacks for a cool, collegiate look on date night.
  2. A zip-up hoodie over matching joggers is a fashionable way to leave the gym.
  3. Pullover hoodies with contrasting slacks are the perfect outfit for guys’ night.
  4. Wearing your favorite men’s t-shirt under a hoodie is a great way to wear layers without looking sloppy or unkempt.
  5. A hoodie with team colors is eye-catching for the athlete or sports fan in you.

Experimenting with fall fashion for men is a fantastic way to develop your style. Choosing quality pieces that are tastefully made shows that you care about how you look and what you wear.

5 Cool Looks With T-shirts

guy wearing t-shirt

With temperatures staying warmer longer, t-shirts are perfect for fall fashion for men. Try a solid black cotton crew neck t-shirt over a pair of khaki utility shorts with low-top sneakers. This outfit is easy but also super cool while it’s still warm.

Here are five more cool looks:

  1. A fresh white cotton t-shirt over distressed denim pants offers an edgy look.
  2. A v-neck over dad jeans is perfect for the kiddos’ first day back to school.
  3. A pectoral view is well appreciated in a slim-fit t-shirt and great slacks.
  4. A half-button t-shirt goes well over casual or dresses pants for a night on the town.
  5. Meeting the parents for the first time demands a polo t-shirt and khakis.

Shopping Hoodies and T-Shirts

When shopping for hoodies and t-shirts, stick to your personal preferences. Your comfort zone represents your tastes and should reflect what you like.

Mixing trends are popular, so don’t be afraid to choose a vintage or retro style hoodie with a contemporary flair. An all-white hoodie that’s lightweight and breathable is perfect for fall. It’s a versatile piece that is perfect for a weekend road trip, a romantic boat ride, or Casual Fridays at work.

When shopping for men, and ladies, it helps to know his personal style choices. Many women say men are hard to shop for, so they can often get ties as gifts. When you know your guy’s style, then you may choose a classic t-shirt or a zip-up hoodie to add to his casualwear wardrobe. Picking pieces in the fabrics and colors your guy likes is a thoughtful way to choose a personal gift for the man in your life.

Quality Men’s Fashion

Surprising your guy with a “just because” t-shirt gift can add excitement to your relationship and show him some appreciation. Men like getting gifts even when they’re not vocal about it. Don’t leave out quality when choosing casual wear for the man in your life. Shop fall fashion for men that’s high-quality, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly.

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