How does a Water Leakage Detection System Work

Water leakage is one of the most common problems that is faced by any and every house owner. And it might sound like a very small problem but that is not true. Even a small water leakage can cause a very big problem. For example, if you have a hot water leak then it might destroy the entire heating unit and along with that, it could possibly damage your main valve which will further lead to cutting the water supply of the entire house and to fix that you will have to spend a lot of money.

But you can save a lot of your hard-earned money by installing a water leakage detection system. But what exactly does the water leakage detection system exactly do? What the system does is it monitors the water flow of your house and whenever it detects any irregularity in the water flow it stops the entire water supply of the house so if you have a water leakage detection system in your house and suddenly one day the water supply of the house is stopped, then you should consider calling in a plumber to look for potential leaks in your water pipelines.

A good leakage detection system not only detects irregularity and stops the water supply but also notifies you on your smartphone that there is some kind of irregularity detected in your water pipelines and along with that it also stops the water supply when it senses some kind of flooding in your house.

But what happens next when you are alerted that there is water leakage in your house? The answer to that is fine a plumber to fix the damage. Professional plumbers who specialize in fixing water damages can be found pretty easily, all you have to do is type in water damage restoration near me and voila! You have more than a hundred options to select from. And these specialized plumbers can fix any kind of water damages be it hot water leakage repair or slab water leak repair or even internal leakage repair.

Now how do you know where the problem lies?

Locating the leakage from a large unit is not as easy as you may think, it requires special equipment, technology as well a good understanding of the pipelines that are laid in your particular locality. So, when you search ‘water damage restoration near me’ and find hundreds of options to choose from, make sure to remember to find a plumber that knows the area well and has the proper knowledge and qualification. You can not just blindly pick any of the options that pop up first.

Ways to find the leak

Now there are two different methods through which one can find where exactly the water leak is, but then again it depends on whether you live in a residential area or a commercial area because the water lines are laid out differently in different areas. Along with the area it also depends on what kind of leak that the plumbers think it is because there is not just one kind of leak, it could be a hot water leak repair or a slab water leak repair, or even a simple leak in the sinks. So, the two methods to find the leak are as follows.

1. Acoustic Detection

This is the most used and also the oldest method to find water leaks. What it basically does is it hears the sound of the water leak to find it. But don’t think that it is inefficient because it can hear and pick up not only big and loud leaking noises but it can also pick up the smallest and meekest possible leak noises to finally lead you to the actual problem.

2. Thermal Detection

This is a rather new and advanced method to locate the actual leakage. It is done by thermal cameras to locate the root of the problem. This is the easiest and the fastest method to find the actual leak. Along with being the fastest, it is also noninvasive which means that the plumber does not have to remove any pipes or cause any damage to the actual overall structure.

An important note of caution is that whenever your water leakage detection system detects any leakage or issue with your pipelines and notifies you about the same, make sure to act on it as fast as possible because one small water leakage can turn into a bigger one over a period of time. And once the small problem becomes big it will affect your entire house and if you are living in a building the small problem can lead to a way bigger problem not only for you but for the entire building.

Here are some reasons why you should attend to the water leakage problem immediately:

  1. As mentioned earlier it can affect the entire house or building as well as damage the water pipes.
  2. Once the problem becomes big it will cost you way more than fixing just a small leakage.
  3. Last but not least it can also lead to health problems.

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