How To Choose Suspenders For Men (SUSPENDER GUIDE)

If you are in the market for something a little sharper and sleeker than your typical belt, we have the perfect product for you!

The best guide to choosing suspenders for men for optimal style and function!

If you are giving suspenders as a gift, or you are simply looking up how to purchase the best pair of suspenders for yourself you might be wondering – how can I find the best suspenders for men? If you are new to using suspenders, you have only used belts previously in the past, or you are not sure what criteria to use for suspenders, consider asking yourself a few questions before buying a pair!

There are many different characteristics to take into account when it comes to suspenders. Do you want a very comfortable option or do you want a stylish option that works well with suits? By figuring out why you want suspenders, you can then determine what type is most suitable for your needs. Here you can see more options of suspenders for men.

What are suspenders?

The first question to ask yourself when finding out how to choose suspenders for men is what are suspenders and why are they useful? Suspenders are a type of clothing strap that works similar to a belt but is visible over your shirt. They typically go over your shoulder, down your back, and clip onto your trousers so that they can keep your pants hoisted at the right height without the need of using a belt.


You can either buy suspenders with a clip at the end that attaches to the waistband of your pants, or you can purchase one with buttons on the end. Along with various attachment styles, you can also find that suspenders come in various materials depending on your style and your preferences such as wool, leather, and silk.

How do I wear suspenders?

The next question to ask yourself when finding the best suspenders for men is how do you properly wear suspenders if you are new to using these suspenders, there are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure you attach the clips to the top of your pants so you can keep your pants at the right height – if you are concerned about the durability of the material of your pants, consider purchasing suspenders that have buttons instead of clips that can harm the material. Fortunately for new users, they are easy to wear! All you do is put it on top of your shirt and clip/button it to your pants – all done!

What are you wearing suspenders for?

The next question to ask yourself when finding the best pair of suspenders for men is what are you wearing for? Are you wearing them for everyday use or for a special occasion? You can find out the best pair for you to purchase by deciding when and why you will wear them – for black tie events, go with high-quality material and metal clips, such as a leather pair of suspenders with gold clips.

What is comparable to you?

Along with wanting to look good for your occasion or for everyday use, you also want to be comfortable. Make sure that you try on a few pairs of suspenders for men so you can see with metal and style suits your preferences. If you find that leather is uncomfortable, go with another material!

What aspects should I consider when choosing suspenders for men?

The next question to consider is what other aspects of the suspenders you should consider – the most common considerations to take into account involve the material, weight, and length.

  • Length – make sure when looking at suspenders for men that you choose the right length. Although different lengths are typically suitable for various body types, make sure you find adjustable suspenders to work with your proportions.
  • Width – the second aspect to consider is the width – typically, you will find suspenders are around 1.25-2 inches wide.
  • Material – the material is one of the most important decisions when looking at suspenders for men, as this determines the dress-up or dress-down factor.


If you are considering buying suspenders for men, for either yourself or a friend, you tend to take various aspects into account. After you figure out how to wear them and why you are wearing them, you need to ask yourself about the length, width, and material that you want to purchase.

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